The Airport CEO Airline Design Contest

April 5, 2017

Become an Airline CEO!

The Airport CEO Airline Design Contest is the first opportunity you as a player have to implement your own airline into the game! The winner, or winners (if we get several good submissions), of the design contest will receive a free copy of Airport CEO and a special honorary forum badge (if you are a forum member). We will pick the most suitable designs and then allow the community to vote for their best designs. Voting will take place on the Airport CEO forum.

The design contest is now closed. Thank you to all who submitted their design!


1. Come up with an airline name and story that you think might fit in the game. Your story should cover whether it is a cheap, normal or expensive airline, its size in regards to domestic or international flights and examples of aircraft models it may operate as well as a brief text on the airline’s history.

2. Download the design template and apply the airline’s typical livery design. We strongly recommend using Adobe Photoshop (trial version can be obtained) or Illustrator and upload the design as a .psd file, however, we do welcome other formats as well.

3. Design an accompanying airline logo and add it into the designated logo box in the template.

4. Input your data in this form, upload your design and accept the Terms and Conditions.

5. Post your design in the forum thread (optional) .

NOTICE: If using Adobe Photoshop or similar, do not rasterize your input graphics. If your submission wins we must be able to copy your design and adapt the elements to fit other aircraft models. Also, if importing images, keep in mind that the template is half the size of the texture used in-game.

Apoapsis Studios reserves the right to announce none, multiple or any winners and is not obliged to follow the jury decision. Any decisions made by the jury or Apoapsis Studios cannot be appealed.

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