Steam Workshop

Airport CEO has Steam Workshop support! Head over to the Steam Workshop portal and discover other CEO’s airports, new businesses and airlines.

Note that you have to own the game and be logged into Steam to properly view the Workshop.


We believe that user generated content is what makes a game and its community really thrive. Airport CEO has several modifiable components and this is the place for you to read more and learn about how to successfully implement yours or others’ creations into the game.

Airport CEO MDKs

MDK stands from Mod Development Kit and is a subset of files that we provide the community with for you to get a better understanding of how to properly design and install mods in Airport CEO. The available MDKs include source files, examples on data structure and best practices for how to successfully implement a certain mod.

Mod development kits

Food & shop franchises

To install new food and shop franchises we recommend utilizing the community developed unofficial Airport CEO Mod Manager. Instructions on how to download and use it can be found here.

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Airlines & liveries

To create and install new airlines and liveries, please read the the following official airline and livery modding guide. Click here to download the MDK files which contain data structure examples and raw .psd files. If you have any further questions, please direct them to the Forum’s modding category.

Read the Official ACEO Airline & Livery Modding Guide!
Download here


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