Bug reporting

Airport CEO features an in-game bug reporting tool where you as a player can report anything you deem is not working correctly or want to leave feedback on. The tool automatically collects all the information we need and can be accessed in-game by pressing espace to open the game menu and then clicking the first button in the list. We only process bug reports submitted in English.

Where is my bug report?

Since the platform is public we need to manually screen each bug report that’s made. Until its been processed and either received the status “awaiting development” or another (green) status, you won’t be able to see it. Since we get a lot of duplicates, many bug reports don't get put through the work flow but do rest assure that we read all bug reports sent to us.

Jira platform registration

We currently do not permit account registration on the Jira platform. If you have any questions regarding ongoing reported bugs, please contacts us.

The roadmap

An ambitious timeline for an ambitious game. Below is a full roadmap of the development of Airport CEO, from start 'til finish and beyond.


During the summer of 2015 the idea of Airport CEO was born.

Development initiated

The development process was in September 2015 initialized and Generation Flight, as it was initially called, started coming to life.

Game announced

The game was announced through different social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Website launched!

First milestone build complete

The first milestone was achieved in November 2015: A build containing a test airport with the passenger, employee and aircraft lifecyles fully integrated.

Teaser video released

The Airport CEO teaser video, showcasing the basic style and fundamental functions of the game, was released.

Second milestone build complete

The second milestone was achieved in April 2016: A build containing an airport dynamically constructed from scratch with the passenger, employee and aircraft lifecycles fully integrated.

Pre-alpha gameplay video released

On the 31st of May the first complete pre-alpha gameplay video of Airport CEO was released, showcasing the current state of Airport CEO.

Full length gameplay videos released

As an important step in showing you the work that has been produced, we have delivered three full length gameplay videos showcasing end-to-end Airport CEO gameplay. These are now uploaded on YouTube!

Steam Early Access

On the 27th September of 2017, Airport CEO was released on Steam Early Access.

Alpha 29: The Performance Update

The first major Airport CEO update addressed a lot of the feedback provided since the initial early access release and targeted loads of bugs fixes, performance and gameplay improvements.

Alpha 30: The Soundtrack Update

After almost a year in production, the Airport CEO soundtrack was released as part of Alpha 30 and the soundtrack update. The soundtrack features a full hour of original music over nine tracks, written and produced by Sinephony. The soundtrack has since then been released as a separate DLC and can be found here.

Alpha 31: The Multi-floor Update

The multi-floor update was the first major content update and added a bunch of features and improvements to the game but perhaps most notably the ability to extend an airport terminal below and above the ground floor.

Alpha 32: The Turnaround Update

In the turnaround update, three new turnaround services for an airport CEO to expand their airport with was introduced. They span across various disciplines, require different structures, operate under different circumstances, business practices and equipment but all serve the same purpose: For a CEO to start rolling in the big bucks!

Alpha 33: The Big Bird Update

Let’s size things up. With the big bird update, wide-body aircraft are now making their way to your airport and with them they bring a new set of requirements and demands. Large runways, stands and terminals are required for you to operate a truly international hub!

Alpha 34: The R&D Update

You’ve got questions and now there’s answers! The R&D update introduces R&D projects, a new system for progressing an airport from a small airfield to an international airport. Hire admins and take care of your employees, keep an eye on your ratings to advance your airport’s operations and business position and enjoy a seriously overhauled economy system - and a lot more.

Apha 35: The Terminal Update

The terminal update features a wide array of new content and improved systems revolving around one of the airport’s main structures: The terminal! With proper support for multiple fully divided terminals and thereafter adapted flight and passenger AI, passport checkpoints and immigration, new desks, restaurants and airline lounges, walakators and elevators and much much more this update will for sure reset the clock on terminal design in Airport CEO.

Alpha 36: The Emergency Update

What could possibly go wrong operating an airport? In the emergency update we're finally introducing random emergency events that really put your governance and airport managing skills to the tests.


Once the early access version of Airport CEO has had its full array of content implemented, a meticulous period of bug fixing, gameplay improvements and balancing, polishing and performance improvements took place to ready Airport CEO for its full release.

Planned: Full release

Airport CEO transitioned out of Early Access and into its full 1.0 version on the 4th of March 2021.

Continued support

Beyond its full release, Airport CEO is supported by the team at Apoapsis Studios through updates as a result of engine or operating system upgrades, occasional balancing and bug fixing updates as well as DLC aircraft packs!


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