Airport CEO development in real-time

Airport CEO has throughout its lifetime seen many changes. Since launch, we’ve deployed several updates containing new graphics and content, bug fixes and performance improvements. We believe that a transparent development process is an honest development process, and thus we've enabled several ways for you check out what's currently going on.

The two buttons to the right are direct links to our two public Trello boards which showcase the development of Airport CEO in real-time. They are both synced from the same Jira project (more on that below) but the Features board is filtered to only show features that are currently being implemented.

Public issue tracker

As a part of our efforts to stay transparent with the development process of Airport CEO we have a publicly accessible issue tracker platform with which you easily can review and track the development progress. The platform we use is called Jira and is a platform for tracking bugs, improvements and new features (all known collectively as issues). Check it out here.

Common Jira questions

I’ve just submitted a bug but I can’t see it, why?

Since the platform is public we need to manually screen each bug report that’s made. Until its been process and either received the status “awaiting development” or another (green) status, you won’t be able to see it. Since we get a lot of duplicates, many bug reports don't get put through the work flow but do rest assure that we read all bug reports sent to us.

I tried to register an account via your Jira platform but was not able to, why?

Since we would have to pay for each account registered on our Jira platform we currently do not allow accounts, for now you will have to resort to the public viewing feature.

Community feature voting

The community knows best and therefore we invite everyone to partake in guiding the development direction of Airport CEO.  We have an entire forum category devoted to community voting and you can read up on how it works here!

The Roadmap

Below you can review the ambitious roadmap we’ve set up for Airport CEO. It does not represent an exact chronological implementation order, as that will be decided partially by us but also by the community, but it does depict the large milestones and features we ultimately want to include in Airport CEO.


During the summer of 2015 the idea of Airport CEO was born.

Development initiated

The development process was in September 2015 initialized and Generation Flight, as it was initially called, started coming to life.

Game announced

The game was announced through different social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Website launched.

First milestone build complete

The first milestone was achieved in November 2015: A build containing a test airport with the passenger, employee and aircraft lifecyles fully integrated.

Teaser video released

The Airport CEO teaser video, showcasing the basic style and fundamental functions of the game, was released.

Second milestone build complete

The second milestone was achieved in April 2016: A build containing an airport dynamically constructed from scratch with the passenger, employee and aircraft lifecycles fully integrated.

Pre-alpha gameplay video released

On the 31st of May the first complete pre-alpha gameplay video of Airport CEO was released, showcasing the current state of Airport CEO.

Full length gameplay videos released

As an important step in showing you the work that has been produced, we have delivered three full length gameplay videos showcasing end-to-end Airport CEO gameplay. These are now uploaded on YouTube!

Steam Direct

Upon the filing of the Steam Direct application an process was initiated to be able to release Airport CEO via Steam.

Airline modding

As a second major step in the Airport CEO modding endeavor we focused on enabling airline modding including custom liveries for all aircraft types. This is now fully implemented and many liveries can be downloaded via Steam Workshop!

Performance improvements

From path finding to rendering and script, the alpha state of Airport CEO will see many performance improvements over time. Minor improvement increments will be deployed on a regular basis where more notable changes will be announced in advance. While this is an ongoing endeavor, we’ve to this day put a lot of effort into making the game run a lot better compared to when it was launched.

In development: New content and gameplay elements

From incidents and random events, utility systems such as electricity, water and WiFi to customs and new turnaround services or first class passenger handling. Here the community will make their voice heard on what we should implement next as a public Forum category with thread voting access will help guide the development direction. Additionally, new assets will be released in packs such as New Service Vehicles Pack, New Road Vehicles Pack, New Furniture Pack, New Decorations Pack and so forth. Details will be announced when a pack is ready for deployment.

In development: Localization

¿Hablas español? To make Airport CEO more accessible to others, localization support will be added and implemented as a moddable feature so that everyone can join in on the translations.

In development: UI Improvements

Just like everything else in Airport CEO, the UI must see its fair share of improvements. Overtime, the UI will become easier to interact with and more accessible and include support for several different aspect ratios and resolutions.

Planned: Transition from alpha to beta

Airport CEO will transition from an alpha to a beta state as according to the Apoapsis Studios alpha and beta definitions in the FAQ.

Planned: Aircraft modding

To further expand the opportunities in which the CEO can have their own influence on what the game looks like, aircraft and basic vehicle modding will be implemented.

In development: Multiple terminal floors

As Airport CEO is stabilized, solutions for supporting multiple terminals and multiple stories will be implemented.

Planned: Transition from beta to full

Airport CEO will transition to from a beta to a full state and leave Early Access.

The Roadmap is subject to change as development progresses.


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