Feature Voting Launched!

June 8, 2018

Airport CEO has been in a released state of early access development for almost a year now, and while we’re putting the final stabilizing efforts together on Alpha 27, we’re also finally opening up the brand new feature voting category. This is your chance to decide what we work on next as we’re moving past the performance sprint and the new UI implementation.

Please note that you have to register a Forum account in order to participate in the process.

Feature Voting Guidelines

Click here to view the Feature Voting Guidelines!

What happens now?

The category is opened up for everyone to post in as of today. Voting will be enabled on Monday (11th of June) and will remain enabled for two weeks ahead. During this time you can vote and post feature requests all you want! After the two weeks have passed the winning contributions will be examined and we will move ahead with the implementation work and when they’re implemented, the process starts all over again.

Why are there already topics in the category?

We’ve gone through a few of the great ideas threads that are still relevant as of today and wanted to give a small hint as to what kind of feature requests you could make. There are still many out there and if you have posted an idea that you’d want to get transitioned into the feature voting category (as per the Feature Voting Guidelines) you can simply contact anyone in the moderating team and we’ll sort it out.

That’s it, time to get creative and post your favorite feature requests here!

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