Dev Blog 117: A quick development & studio update

October 8, 2018

Hello airport CEO! Welcome to the 117th edition of the airport CEO development blog which today, due to time constrains and due to last weeks exhaustive post, will be a fair bit shorter than usual. See it more as quick summary of what we’ve been up to since the one year anniversary celebrations. Before we get into it we just want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who’s reached out and congratulated the studio on the one year anniversary and all the new airport CEOs that joined us during the weekend sale. A big, big thank you and to another year of continued early access development with the full release steady in sight!

When it comes to the development… we’ve continued work on the large, upcoming, person (passenger and employee) performance overhaul with continued promising results. The initial test phase is over and we’ve now branched off from the main branch and started work on implementing the results of the test in an actual Airport CEO game world setting. This does not only include a very, very large change to the passenger and employee code base as the new rendering and simulation solution is vastly different compared to what we have today (which also in turn impacts many other systems) but also tending to visual glitches that occur as a result of the new animation system and just in general the difference of how the appearance of persons are put together, compared with the old solution. Since we’re now (finally) working with branches, we’re still able to maintain both the default branch as well as the experimental branch with bug fixes that will continue throughout this week. The experimental branch currently houses Alpha 28.5 whereas the default branch houses Alpha 28.4-1. We intend to roll out updates for the experimental branch during the rest of the week and then ultimately merge the master and experimental branch for a default deployment late this week. Meanwhile, we’ve also begun implementation of catering services which will see some additional development this week. We’re not bringing you any new visual content as of this week, instead enjoy these pictures from two of several separate recording sessions over at Sinephony in Stockholm for the recording of the upcoming full-length Airport CEO soundtrack.

And when it comes to the studio… we’ve as of last week, a part from putting the final furniture together and getting cozy in the office, finally kicked off our new website projects. On top of everything else we have to deal with in terms of the development of Airport CEO we’ve long realized, through what has been pointed out by many airport CEOs, that our website take for ever to load. We’ve contracted a local studio here in Malmö to overhaul our websites and the hosting solution they run on, while also investigating and preparing a solution for us to run the Froum on a cloud platform instead on a VPS. Again, this is not expected to take any major time out of our development except for a few tuning meetings and will ultimately result in the future Airport CEO and any other Apoapsis Studios browsing experience being a lot faster. The new websites are scheduled to launch sometime in early December, but as usual nothing is promised and the current websites will remain functional until and beyond the deployment of the new.

So that’s it for this update, shorter than usual but that means you’ve got more time to do something else! See you in two weeks time and as always… fly safe!

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