Dev Blog 94: Furniture Pack 1 Update & Airline Design Contest Results

November 28, 2017

Good night airport CEO and welcome to this week’s executive briefing! What a week it has been, we’ve been putting another full-time work week to good use and have had a lot of time working with community management, blasting in new content and minor bug fixes and UI improvements. Let’s not delay it any further and get started.

Last Week

As we are now already into the third full-time week things are starting to move along quite nicely. We have managed to do a lot of things in these two weeks not only related to pure development but also from an organizational perspective. We are currently actively looking for an office and if things go well we should be able to relocate in to an official space in Malmö, hopefully, very soon; we will know more by the end of the week. For those of you who need a refreshment on your Nordic geography, Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and is located in the southern most parts of Sweden, close to Denmark capital Copenhagen. It has around 300 000 inhabitants (we know this is might be more called a village in some countries but hey, we are a small country) and what is so special about Malmö is that it is slowly turning into a center for game studios and game development. Massive Entertainment (a Ubisoft studio), developers of The Division, World at Conflict and the upcoming Avatar game, and King, the creator of the Candy Crush Saga, have their offices here while Paradox (Cities Skyline publisher) is planning to open an office here as well. In excess of these big studios there are a dozen of smaller successful indie studios and many more aspiring ones. So there’s no difficulty in telling that this is the place to be right now in Sweden for a small game studio like ourselves.

In terms of development, this week has mainly focused on implementing the new furniture pack but more on this below. Last week’s Thursday we did an AMA over at the official Airport CEO Discord channel. We carried on for over one and a half hour and had a blast doing it. Don’t worry if you didn’t join us, you can read up on everything by joining the Discord channel and checking out the ama_closed channel! Click here to join.

Airline Design Contest Results

Wednesday last week we closed the second airline design contest finally vote and we are proud to announce the below winners (unsorted order) and as well as four dev’s choice. Yes, four, we could simply not keep our nose out of the final results and decided that there were a few designs too good to miss out on and decided to give them a helping hadn We would like to once again congratulate all the winners and thank everyone who’s participated! During the course of the week all airline design winners will be contacted and the new airlines will gradually be implemented. When a new airline is implemented, in conjunction with a game version update, you will be notified via the change log. Here are the winners:

  • Tulip Airlines
  • Crown Airlines
  • Allure
  • Forrest Air
  • Goose Wings Airlines
  • Zoom
  • Fly Penguin
  • Sky Fly
  • Olympus Organization
  • Indian Aviation
  • UKair (Dev’s choice)
  • Havana (Dev’s choice)
  • Atom Air (Dev’s choice)
  • Wildcat Air (Dev’s choice)

Can’t get enough and want to check out all the designs? Click here to view all of them!

Furniture Pack 1

Hurra! Today we are releasing the first furniture update on the experimental branch (which has just been updated to 23.4-0) and what we can easily say that this is the biggest visual change we have done so far. Mitchell, our artist,  has done a brilliant job in creating several new fantastic models and there are still a lot of other models left to be implemented,  gradually so. With this visual update we are slowly advancing to a more Airport CEO defined art style which we’ve previously referred to as “soft realistic” and something we feel is our own. We hope you like it and as we said, there is plenty more to come.

Now there might be some changes in your existing saves as we had to re-structure code to be able to handle the new variation system. For example, we can now have both size and quality as a parameter for items which will introduce new possibilities once we fully implement the effect of decoration and quality and surrounding perception of the passengers.

Note around new gate seating! You will now be able to place two kinds of gate seating. Since the old one is now replaced with a new one, we recommend demolishing all existing gate seating and rebuilding them again. This is because the old type spawns incorrectly in relation to the mentioned code changes. You may also see passengers sitting in thin air, this will reset itself as you allow the game to run for a while.

Important note around runways! If you are on the experimental branch and have updated the game to 24.0-0 you will now be able to set the desired aircraft size for each runway. The first time you load your save, you must set small or medium flights as these values are note yet stored in your old save file. Once you have done this and saved the game, the values are correctly serialized. Note that medium flights now require at least 800 meter (or 2625 feet) of runway length!

So that’s it for this week! What are you still doing here? Opt in to the experimental branch and check out the new update (but beware of saving if you want your save to be compatible with the default branch if you want to roll back).

Next week will, as promised, implement the new conveyor belt pack (on the experimental branch) and just like the furniture pack it will mainly be a visual update. In conjunction with this, focus on the development side will be on planning the three epics that we will deal with after these major visual updates, i.e. the UI, path finding and flight planning… and of course continue with general bug fixing.

See you throughout the week and thank you for reading and fly safe!

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