Dev Blog 92: Apoapsis Studios, Content Packs & The Airline Design Contest

November 15, 2017

Hello airport CEO and welcome to this week’s executive briefing. A day late, better than most flights (is that joke getting old yet?), this week we have several good news in store for you so without further ado, as usual… let’s just get into it!

Chania Airport (CHQ) by forum user Lucas.

Last Week

Last week we transitioned to Alpha 23.0 which, due to a larger game engine version and underlying code framework version change, was a bit more shaky than usual. We’ve since 23.0 deployed 23.1 and 23.2 to mitigate the most pressing stability issues and will throughout the week continue to monitor the  stability and fix the bugs that are reported to us. We again want to thank everyone for their really qualitative bug reports, they save us a lot of time when it comes to finding out what’s wrong and what its root cause is. This week we’ve naturally focused a lot on general bug solving ticking of issues that rank from critical to highest as well as sprite packing and minor rendering optimization, the latest patch notes can be seen here and what’s up for deployment in 23.3 can be seen here. The next experimental version will be deployed on Monday next week and we’ve got a lot of stuff lined up for it but more on that later.

We’ve received a few questions over the last week regarding the Jira workflow so we wanted to take the opportunity to address the two most common ones:

  • Why can’t I see my bug report after I’ve submitted it?

Since we have an open workflow, which means that anyone can submit a bug, we need to moderate the bug report flow to check the overall bug report’s quality. We also need to verify that the bug is in fact a bug before inputting it into work flow and with an internal prioritization system where we first target the most pressing issues your bug could take anywhere from hours to days or weeks until it gets processed, depending on the severity.

  • Why can’t I register on your Atlassian Jira account?

We do not currently allow people to sign up on the account due to license costs as each registered person requires an available space within our Jira license.

Apoapsis Studios

We are happy to announce that Apoapsis Studios is finally working on full throttle as Fredrik has now been fully on boarded into the development team, full-time. We are now two developers working full time with the game in terms of game development and general business operations and with the aid of our talented artist Jettuh, our supporting forum moderators and many community leaders we expect productivity over the coming weeks to increase a lot. The final performance bottle neck we are still facing is the lack of a proper work space where we can develop together in close collaboration but we will over the coming week make sure to change that as well by finding an available office space in which Apoapsis Studios can set up shop.

Raddiego’s Airport by forum user Raddiego.

Content Packs

In an earlier devlog we revisited the Roadmap which was recently updated. One of the many milestones we will tick off during the coming development year centers around content additions and we’ve in previous devlogs teased you with a few blackened out and blurry images showing what lies up ahead. We’d like to take the opportunity and be a bit more concrete this time around, although the same images remain.

Vehicle Pack 1

The first Vehicle Pack will feature a complete design overhaul of all the vehicles currently in the game. Our artist Jettuh has been hard at work crafting some amazing new models and we are very eager to replace the current models with them. As you’ve already been teased with

The vehicles that will be replaced, or implemented, with the first Vehicle Pack are the following:

  • Person Car (normal road car)
  • Person Bus (normal road bus)
  • Delivery Truck
  • Avgas 100 LL Fuel Truck
  • Jet A1 Fuel Truck
  • Aviation Fuel Delivery Truck
  • Small Service Truck without roof
  • Large Service Truck without roof
  • Large Service Truck with roof (already implemented)
  • Baggage Cart (already implemented)

If nothing changes they will be deployed to the experimental branch next Monday (20th November) as a part of 23.3. The below image is a bit outdated as it both features and lacks some of those vehicles that will get implemented but is still a good pointer to what’s coming. What it looks like is something you’ll experience in-game, we’ll let you know once it happens.

Furniture and Decorations Pack 1

The first Furniture and Decorations Pack will feature a complete design overhaul of several seating items and the addition of new decorative objects. The below picture is not final and may at the point of release contain more items, we will reveal a more complete list in the next devlog and the pack is expected to drop on the experimental branch as of next next Monday (27th November).

Conveyor Belt System Pack 1

The first Conveyor Belt System Pack will feature a complete design overhaul of several conveyor belt related items. Again, the below image may change in content. Expect this pack to drop on the 4th of December.

There are of course many more packs planned ahead together with the other roadmap milestones and these will be revealed and discussed moving ahead.

Airline Design Contest

In last week’s devlog we announced the ongoing new Airline Design Contest and with only one more day to go we’ve received about 95 submissions which nothing short of incredible! The community talent wildly exceeds our expectations whenever we run a contest like this and there are so many great ideas that’ll do very well as in-game airlines. However, if you haven’t entered the contest yet there is still time! Just head over to this topic and you’ll soon know exactly what to do. The lucky winners will not only receive a free copy of Airport CEO (to use themselves or give away) but a secret minor additional prize, to be revealed at the end of the contest. The submission category will be locked down Wednesday 23:59 15th of November (GMT +1) and 24 hours later the final community vote will begin. Join in now!

Harlem International Airport (HIA) by forum user Vulcanfox.

What lovely user airports, huh? Thank you for reading and see you throughout the week as usual. Don’t forget to join us on the normal social media outlets such as the Discord channel, Reddit, Twitter or Facebook. Fly safe!

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