Dev Blog 88: Second Release Week

October 14, 2017

Good evening (or morning, day or night, depending on your locale) airport CEO and welcome to this week’s executive briefing!

Just like most flights this devlog is sometimes a bit delayed and just like some flights, the public announcement for that delay had the wrong departure number (89 instead of 88)! Oh well, we’ve now finally taken off and with a little over two weeks into the Early Access release we have since the last devlog pushed another important round of patches. These have again been targeted at solving the most critical issues with deadlocking and other aspects that rendered the game in some key situations unplayable. We’ve transitioned into 0.22.x which packed a brand new tutorial which we hope will help ease the learning curve a bit for aspiring CEOs. It also included recurring flights, although in a very basic form and intended to mitigate the most tiring aspect of having to schedule flights over and over again (we have read your opinions and feedback and will continue to flesh out the flight planning system as soon as time allows).

We’ve had also had two bad pushes both triggering quick rollbacks and that were caused mainly by unexpected behavior with the builds. To mitigate these issues, and per our internal development plan, we’re glad to announce that we will during this weekend launch the experimental branch. It’ll allow us not only to avoid rollback scenarios like this but also to really quickly get bug fixes and try out new features as soon as possible. Sometime during this weekend the experimental branch will be made publicly available and we will, without major announcements for each update through the large channels, continuously push fixes to it. Once a version on the experimental branch is stable enough we will deploy it to the default branch and so the cycle will start over. If you as a player experience issues with an experimental build you can then easily opt out by rolling back to the default and stable version.

Now, let’s take a quick look at some CEO creations this week…

A proper FPS killer by forum user Sirch80.

LSG by forum user Autumnus.

This week has also included a lot of organizational work. We’ve handled several important tickets on the road to becoming a properly established company (fixing broken stuff with the website, community management, auditing stuff, budgeting) and while we still have some notable bottlenecks to deal with, especially in terms of acquiring new development hardware to test those really large airports, we are slowly progressing. Until this point we have, as you might know, both been working with ACEO on the side of our real jobs and while this has been manageable prior to launch it has definitely become a more daunting task as the ACEO flight took off. This is the main reason to why this devlog and other announcements have been delayed, there were simply more pressing issues at hand. However, we can at least now happily announce that one of the developers, Olof, has during the week transitioned out from his old job and will from starting next week be working full time with ACEO!

We will dedicate this weekend to more important bug fixing and, as mentioned, enabling the experimental branch so do expect a few patches over the coming days. During next week the patching work will continue as per usual, hopefully at a more constant pace and with more control. Further organizational work will also be done (such as working on enabling the public Jira) and we will also start looking into some of the more pressing feature improvements that we have seen being requested throughout our various channels.

The patch notes flow can per usual be seen here and if you have any questions regarding anything you can always contact us directly either via the Forum, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Steam forums or sometimes on Discord (we’ll answer as soon as possible). We also want to thank everyone who has been sending in qualitative bug reports, it really helps a lot!

That’s it for this week and since this devlog was so delayed we will not be posting one on Monday but leave devlog 89 for the Monday after that. See you throughout the weekend and the next week! Fly safe.

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