Dev Blog 86: Airport CEO

September 26, 2017

Hey there, very, very, very, very soon to be airport CEO! Last week we announced the release date, the 28th of September 2017 at 19:00 CEST, and the week before that we announced the price, $15,99 USD with a 10 percent launch discount and we’ve received a lot of love from the community. We hope to repay you really soon.

As of right now, it’s another three-ish days to go until that launch date and we’re working on hard on stabilizing Airport CEO for every hour that passes. Over the coming days we’ll be working on several fronts with continued development and bug squashing  as a result of the continued testing program, setting up channels for proper bug reporting as well as public relations and marketing. Therefore, this devlog won’t be that smashed with text content as usual since, as you can imagine, we’re quite busy. However, we did update the Steam Store page yesterday which included the publishing of several new screens. Check them out (if you haven’t already)…

… and on the topic of new content, we made ourselves some time during the week and implemented a new item:

Ever wondered where all your lost baggage went? #AirportCEO #ACEO #gamedev #indiegame #indiegames #SteamNewRelease #gamedesign #gameart
— AirportCEO (@AirportCEO) September 23, 2017

The cargo destroyer, to take care of any unwanted baggage roaming around the conveyor belt system.

Airport CEO Alpha v0.20.3 to v0.20.7 Patch Notes

Version: Alpha v0.20.7
Release Date:  2017-09-25 21:00 CEST

Patch Notes

  • Fixed: Restrict objects that are in some form of usage from deletion
  • Fixed: Cancelled flight should be correctly handled
  • Fixed: Baggage randomly stalls before completing a path after a certain time of simulation
  • Fixed: Very rare baggage stuck issue on passing through X-ray scanner

Version: Alpha v0.20.6
Release Date: 2017-09-24 03:00 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Minor baggage stability fixes
  • Fixed: Removal of drop off site should only be allowed if more than one exist
  • Fixed: Minor null reference on flight activation for removed stands
  • Fixed: When a bag is deserialized exactly on end of path it can randomly deadlock
  • Fixed: Wrongly serialized CEO data profile invades airports
  • Fixed: Minor issue with deadlocked fuel truck
  • Fixed: Doors (small medium large) dissappear or gets bugged after loading the save
  • Pressing escape twice now opens game menu
  • Fixed: Deleting bus stop does not cause passengers queueing at it to find another bus stop
  • Fixed: Minor null reference issue on get carried asset

Version: Alpha v0.20.5
Release Date: 2017-09-24 14:00 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Persons sometimes not generating correct first name based on gender
  • Fixed: Baggage stops at tilt tray
  • Fixed: Employee profile picture is not centered
  • Fixed: Hilltop cafe misspelt
  • Fixed: Procurement Director not shown
  • Fixed: Deserialization issue on top down hair index
  • Fixed: No other applications when looking for board
  • Fixed: Unbuilt structures spawn earth patches

Version: Alpha v0.20.4
Release Date: 2017-09-24 03:00 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Adapt baggage path plotting behavior to support multi tilt tray paths
  • Fixed: Room and areas are not destructible
  • Fixed: Baggage cannot be scanned twice (flying bag issue)
  • Fixed: Missing airline name
  • Fixed: Franchises available before finishing procurement
  • Fixed: Runway upgrade didn’t cost any money
  • Improve aircraft audio
  • Fixed: Add functionality to executives where applicable and disable those that do not yet serve a purpose
  • Fixed: Board members remain in place even after firing, clicking on them gives you the option to hire them or reject application
  • Fixed: Service trucks does not always wait for all baggage to be loaded
  • New item: Implemented baggage destroyer
  • Fixed: Departure plane has status on arrival list
  • Fixed: Placeable panel closes immediately when pressing escape and holding item
  • Fixed: Procurement panel countdown error
  • Fixed: Restrict tilt trays from being able to be built in baggage claim areas
  • Fixed: Minor cargo bay baggage loading bug
  • Fixed: Visual bugs in relation to ramp agent baggage handling
  • Fixed: Fuel gauge sometimes at 101 percent
  • Fixed: Fuel supply truck can get stuck at unbuilt checkpoint
  • Fixed: Bag fallback method for locating nearest travelable conveyor belt node does not take opposite facing conveyor belt directions into account
  • Fixed: Procuring fuel trucks changes the speed of the game depending on how many trucks are procured
  • Fixed: Attachable Jet A1 fuel tanks become Avgas100LL after loading a save (re-build is required)
  • Fixed: Incorrect spelling on baggage tag
  • Fixed: Close all runway serves no purpose and should probably be disabled
  • Fixed: “Construction demand exists” on operations panel even though there is no construction * demand (no objects left to build)
  • Fixed: Boarding pass custom characters (implement Courier with Unicode support)
  • Fixed: Validate that roads can be zoneable (sidewalk)
  • Fixed: Aircraft textures at night have a bright white line along the width of the fuselage
  • Fixed: Employee candidates stop spawning after a while
  • Fixed: Only structures should spawn earth tiles upon destruction
  • Fixed: Landing lights inside terminal

Version: Alpha v0.20.3
Release Date: 2017-09-21 01:30 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Passenger shop process is taking too long or become stuck
  • Fixed: Minor fix for cargo bay baggage loading process
  • Implement re-plotting of path for diverted baggage to support more complex conveyor belt system designs with several concurring tilt trays
  • Add penalty for flights departing or arriving during restricted time
  • Pax don’t sit on sofas or armchairs
  • Implement proper FPS counter
  • Fixed: Fix transportable asset pass through conveyor belt issue
  • Fixed: Baggage handling stability improvements
  • Fixed: Baggage cart gets disconnected on fast forward
  • Fixed: Add missing arrows on cargo bay
  • Implement penalty weight on cargo bay road nodes to avoid vehicles plotting through unless necessary
  • Fixed: When tarmac is applied over taxiways, taxiway nodes cannot be created
  • Fixed: Airport name truncated on employee card
  • Fixed: Completed a tester’s minor list of corrections
  • Fixed: Franchises sometimes not having any sales
  • Fixed: All service technicians have low technical skill
  • Fixed: Avgas truck not showing despite avgas unlocked
  • Fixed: Road not updating correctly on build
  • Fixed: Job applications stop coming in for particular positions

Alright, so that’s it for this devlog. What happens now? Well, we’ll see you during the week and of course especially on Thursday. While we’ve worked hard to flush out the most major and most critical issues the testing CEO’s have been limited to 50 people and depending on the influx of new CEO’s during the first days it is extremely difficult to anticipate the overall stability. We will be on stand by the entire weekend and will closely monitor the development as new aspiring CEOs dig into the game engine.

If you haven’t wish listed ACEO yet and want to be alerted the instance it is released, make sure to head over to the Steam Store page and do so.

See you soon! Fly safe!

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