Dev Blog 85: Release Date

September 18, 2017

Hey there, future CEO. We heard you were looking for a job so funnily enough we found a job posting that might be of interest to you, check it out…

Job Description

We are looking to hire a new CEO for the City’s latest venture: A new Airport! The CEO will be responsible for developing and executing the vision and strategy for this new transit business. The CEO is tasked with developing and executing the business strategy to return the business to profitability, stabilize and grow the business. The CEO will have full responsibility for this business including Construction and Engineering, Operations, Finance and Human Resources. Lastly the CEO will head up the leadership team and will direct all facets of the Airport’s global strategy.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Develops and executes the strategic plan for the organization including identifying operations improvements necessary to turnaround the business and return it to profitability.
  • Develop and grow the leadership team.
  • Have a solid understanding of the Airport logistics channel, while having a track record of creating and maintaining strong business relationships with all levels of sales, operations, and all other aspects within the organization.
  • Manage all functions within the business including operations, customer service, finance, HR, product procurement and supply chain.
  • Drives Airport operations and infrastructure development and innovation to meet customer and profit requirements.

Recommended Experience, Skills and Education:
  • No previous job experience required.
  • An interest in tycoon, management and airports.

How to Apply:

Applications will open on the 28th of September at 19:00 CEST 2017. An application submission costs $15.99 USD (or equivalent to your country)  but early appliers will receive a 10 percent cost reduction. Applicants should visit the following link to sign up:

Airport CEO will release as an Early Access title in an Alpha state on Steam on the 28th of September 19:00 CEST 2017. It will cost $15.99 USD (or equivalent to your country) with a 10 percent launch bonus during the first week.

Airport CEO Alpha v0.20.0 to v0.20.2 Patch Notes

Version: Alpha v0.20.2
Release Date:  2017-09-18 10:00 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Minor cargo transfer analysis issue for cargo bay
  • Fixed: Minor vehicle occupation issue causing deadlocks on stand when loading

Version: Alpha v0.20.1
Release Date:  2017-09-18 01:00 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Enable adaptive tool usage for employees (per-job-task creation and removal of specific tool)
  • Fixed: Implement tabbing for main menu panel progression
  • Fixed: Automatically close person panel if person disappears to prevent UI breakage
  • Fixed: Animation of main menu options takes time
  • Fixed: Improve tutorial for holding points to make it more clear to follow
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts prioritized over search function (item menu)
  • Fixed: Flight schedule panel not working
  • Fixed: Ramp agents only unload first baggage cart
  • Fixed: Locate feature not completely reliable
  • Fixed: Implement arrival boarding pass for arriving passengers
  • Fixed: Implement baggage tickets for passenger UI
  • Fixed: Change rotation direction to clockwise when pressing R or middle
  • Passengers do not claim bags correctly
  • Items in procurement panel should not be shown unless unlocked
  • Procurement of baggage systems unclear whether I am buying the technology, or per operating machine
  • Item activation toggle issue
  • On first attempt “Connecting to Bank” for loans stays indefinitely until you click on the loans button again
  • Airplanes using aircraft foundation and nodes while not yet build
  • Debug UI panel doesn’t scale to resolution
  • GA icon in notification panel is not bright
  • Loans not functioning properly
  • Some employees are really old
  • Bags scanned in conveyor belt scanning stations are not considered revoked from flight cargo list which deadlocks cargo bay departure loading process
  • Staff sitting oddly in chairs
  • Implement feature to manually set bags for removal

Version: Alpha v0.20.0
Release Date:  2017-09-17 19:00 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Contractor shuttle failed path error handling
  • Fixed: “Your warning message here” on ATC tower should be replaced with an actual warning message
  • Fixed: When deleting a small stand, ground deterioration location isn’t correct
  • Fixed: Reimplement all missing arrow sprites on conveyor belt system items
  • Fixed: Weird path finding confirmation issue with pathValidated set to false
  • Fixed: Stuck passengers on isQueueing
  • Fixed: Turnaround monitor has wrong status
  • Fixed: When you plan a lot of flights, your flight status screen becomes weird
  • Fixed:  Changing game speed whilst fast forwarding to next day cancels fast forward but leaves message up until escape is hit
  • Add walkable sides to all roads

Fly safe and see you during the week!

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