Dev Blog 84: Bug Squashing and Release Price

September 15, 2017

Hey there future CEO! First of all, sorry for the small delay of the devlog, we were on a good run with the bug fixing so we decided to postpone it for a few more days in favor for more focused work. We are not really showing of that much new content anyhow these times as we mostly talk about bug fixing. So far our list of fixed bugs count almost 400 since we started the external testing. We are closely monitoring incoming bugs from our testers and are doing prioritization work on which bugs that can be down prioritized and which ones we absolutely must fix before the release. It is worth mentioning that the bulk of the remaining “bugs” are more aligned with suggestions or are in regards to minor cosmetic aspects, meaning something we can accept in an alpha state.

We understand that most of you are right now waiting on the announcement of the release date. What we can say is that we are still aiming for a September release and that we just want to really make sure the final critical bugs are 100 percent solved for the current testing crew size so it really is a matter of days before the final decision will be taken.

However, a popular question we have been bombarded with is… “what will the game cost?!”. We thought it’s time to answer that question.

Airport CEO will be priced at 15.99 USD (15.99 EUR or equivalent) and during the first launch week, a 10 percent release discount will be issued!

The price should be seen as the purchasing in what’s been built so far but also as an early-bird investment for the future full version of the game. As we decided to skip the crowd funding path, this alpha release is our way of funding and early buyers should remember that the income will go directly into enabling the future development of the game. There are several areas in which we could use skilled people to help us increase the quality of the game (game art, sounds, improved rendering performance, UX and gameplay… well, everything!) and as well free up time for ourselves for more core development of Airport CEO. The 10 percent launch discount should be seen as us thanking you, our core fans and contributors, for your patience and support in this process and we believe that early birds and gamers who are prepared to live with a few bugs and missing content during the early access and alpha period should benefit from a lowered price. The price is thus motivated partially by the work that has been put into it so far given its current content and functionality as well as the work that will be put into it during the road ahead. We plan to gradually increase the price as more content is being added and as the game becomes increasingly more complete.

Now, let’s have a look at some of this week’s CEO work:

Rebuilding the airport while handling flights? What will the FAA think of that…

What’s going on here, did the 737 grow or something? Very strange, maybe it’s a new aircraft model that was recently implemented. Which could it be?

Overlooking security and office areas.

Ready to handle those busy mornings!

Allright, time for the patch notes. They’re in a different format than usual because it would be a waste of time to categorize them as we’ve done previously since they simply are far too many. This is the way we currently internally record patch notes (they’re a straight copy paste) so… get used to it!

Airport CEO Alpha v0.19.7 to v0.19.12 Patch Notes

Version: Alpha v0.19.12
Release Date: 2017-09-15 01:00 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Tutorial deserialization causes “in progress” to disappear and only to show “completed” or “not started” steps
  • Disable: Unable to search flights in flight planner
  • Fixed: Verify that all tutorials contain the correct content and that all necessary gameplay steps are accompanied by a tutorial
  • Fixed: Tools should not be clickable and display baggage tags
  • Fixed: Earth patches not spawning correctly when demolish
  • Fixed: Aircraft size when in the air learp the wrong way
  • Fixed: Airport vehicles only go to first vehilce depot
  • Fixed: Ramp agents stacking up on cargo bay and iteratively idling while transferring cargo
  • Fixed: Lacking no-show handling of passengers checking in causes baggage loading deadlocks
  • Fixed: Baggage sprite deserialization issue
  • Fixed: Object reset issue on trailers can cause service trucks to leave depot with no trailers attached

Version: Alpha v0.19.11
Release Date:  2017-09-14 01:00 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Cached paths attempts are no longer part of the path finding queue (should reduce waiting time if agent finds a cached path)
  • Fixed: Shadows of light pole are not dynamic
  • Fixed: Floors underneath small doors are slightly off-color
  • Fixed: Allowed staff types copies itself to other rooms
  • Fixed: Holding points issue, aircraft move across map to get to a holding point
  • Fixed: Small stands are missing floodlight lamp posts
  • Fixed: Extended portion of the RWY cannot be clicked to open object panel
  • Fixed: Issues with GA sometime not requesting fuel
  • Fixed: Implement new rules for when service trucks are allowed to take cargo transit jobs
  • Fixed: Improve error handling for service trucks engaged in a job task
  • Fixed: Baggage claim and bathroom change to “closed” upon loading a save when during the save they were on
  • Fixed: Flight number and boarding passenger and check in desk number does not match
  • Fixed: Bring ServiceVehicleController to same standard in terms of error handling as PAX/emp controllers
  • Fixed: Default product rice has colors in float instead of byte
  • Fixed: Can place flight during restricted time And cannot access it once it has been released, can only confirm if a little bit of green is sticking out the side
  • Fixed: Difficult to know where staff stands on check desk
  • Fixed: Old flight won’t leave stand
  • Fixed: Commercial flight arrives with 100% service round percentage
  • Fixed: GA has baggage loading and unloading percentages
  • Fixed: All words spelled “taxing” should be spelled “taxiing”
  • Fixed: When building terminal foundation after the stand, the need for a boarding desk doesn’t pop-up
  • Added: Ability to assign custom number of ramp agents to cargo bays

Version: Alpha v0.19.10
Release Date:  2017-09-12 23:30 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: If service round not requested, service round should be 100%
  • Fixed: Budget Overview Dashboard lists “Hourly Expenses” twice
  • Fixed: Baggage stops at deserialized cargo bay entry and exit
  • Fixed: Flights taking time to activate on flight planner
  • Fixed: Contractor spawning can become out of sync (about time, huh?)
  • Several fixes related to cancelled flights (still some situations that need to be handled)
  • Improve terrain object holt generation across world

Version: Alpha v0.19.9
Release Date:  2017-09-11 23:30 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Weather notifications appear even though no weather station is built.
  • Fixed: Power icons on airport screen
  • Fixed: Manuals don’t save progres
  • Fixed: Tilt tray setting serialization issue
  • Fixed: Unable to delete games
  • Fixed: Minor person queueing occupation issue causing stuck queues
  • Fixed: Filtering setting does not apply to newly generated containers
  • Fixed: Check-In desks not generating jobs for airport staff despite having flights assigned
  • Fixed: When the time of boarding is on the hour (e.g. 15:00), the last zero is truncated and on the boarding pass shows 15:0
  • Fixed: Option for select All and Select None for staff room allowed staff
  • Fixed: Service road should be able to be placed on top of underground baggage belt
  • Fixed: Runway and stand should warn earlier and clearly (use persistent notification panel) if it gets too broken
  • Fixed: “Government restricted flight time” name should be changed
  • Fixed: Vehicles can’t find path when player connects checkpoint with grass service road
  • Fixed: No cancel option when pressing “Quit Game” by mistake
  • Fixed: Aircraft can arrive with more than 100 percent fuel and require refuelling
  • Fixed: Terminal foundation demolisher not working
  • Fixed: Add correct barcode as per reddit thread
  • Fixed: Person occupation issue on seating items causing them to sit on top of each other
  • Fixed: Add option to close boarding if a missing passenger has not check in
  • Fixed: “Cannot activate commercial flights if boarding desk is not attach” pops up when clicking on stand
  • Fixed: Passengers for some flights failed to spawn, causing them to be delayed
  • Fixed: Cannot align flight slot to start at 13:30, always sticks to 13:25 or 13:35
  • Fixed: Set number of ramp agents per stand type instead of aircraft for easier control
  • Fixed: Passenger needs can be “clicked”
  • Fixed: Minor issue with aircraft stuck on runway
  • Fixed: Add cargo progress labels for cargo loading and cargo unloading in stand turnaround progress panel
  • Fixed: Aircraft can skip “goto holding point” after landing
  • Fixed: Slightly reduce number of sent spam e-mails
  • Fixed: Add some visual feedback for when enabling baggage to inform player that service round has automatically been enabled.
  • Fixed: Issue with check-in desk booking system causing check-in desks to be overbooked if planned on exact same time
  • Fixed: Typo error on loan list
  • Fixed: You can procure products without having enough money
  • Fixed: “Launch Airport” should be “New Airport”
  • Fixed: Deleting email in trash doesn’t remove e-mail until tab switch
  • Fixed: Starter e-mail is addressed to non-existent user
  • Fixed: Text on delete game screen is overlapping
  • Fixed: Clicking on the ‘open inbox’ button at the top of the screen, you don’t go to your inbox, but to the page you had last open
  • Fixed: Sort save games by newest save date (will not affect old saves)
  • Fixed: To e-mail address in tutorials incorrect
  • Fixed: Flight clears if dropped and clicked on i flight planner
  • Fixed: Add path finding penalty for static queues to prevent passengers from plotting through them
  • Fixed: Various deadlocking issues related to baggage loading and unloading simulation
  • Fixed: Tilt trays cannot divert in both diversion directions
  • Fixed: Baggage underground is deserialized as overground and does not change until moving
  • Fixed: Fix rules for when to allow cargo transitions for flights to occur
  • Fixed: Cargo bay related connection rules for actions interfering with scheduled flights must be enforced across all relevant items
  • Fixed: Serialization issue causing franchises to be stuck with “staff enroute”

Version: Alpha v0.19.8
Release Date:  2017-09-08 01:45 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Time calculation for current time does not return correct value for really long progressed worlds which mainly affects job task generation
  • Adapted initial season cycling to start worlds in spring
  • Fixed: Minor interaction item occupancy issue could contribute to causing some job task execution to stall
  • Fixed: Attempting to construct an asphalt medium stand creates a concrete medium stand
  • Added debug buttons for firing all staff and clearing all job tasks to ease keeping of save integrity
  • Fixed: Medium stand variation text is mixed up (asphalt is switched with concrete)
  • Fixed: Background ground incorrect season overlay
  • Fixed: Annoying commercial flight notification on stand fixed
  • Fixed: Minor franchise staff spawning bug
  • Fixed: Many drop-down panels says “Sort By” but it should say “Filter By” as it does not sort
  • Fixed: Increase scroll rate on dropdown
  • Implemented handling for adding “/” in save file name
  • Fixed: If two holding points are at the same distance, aircraft should check for the once nearest to their assigned stand
  • Access economy panel directly from top panel added
  • Fixed: Flight do not leave when send away is set in flight planner
  • Fixed: Weird UX pattern on quit game save dialog
  • Fixed: Disable service road to be built on walls
  • Fixed: Cleaning and maintenance round value does not have an effect, disable for now
  • Fixed: Job task safety check method implemented for fuel trucks to prevent loss of job task generation

Version: Alpha v0.19.7
Release Date:  2017-09-06 23:30 CEST

Patch Notes
  • Fixed: Repeatedly right clicking on a taxiway node causes multiple pop up boxes
  • Fixed: Employees in secure area are not able to discover staff rooms in open area
  • Fixed: Boarding job tasks (and other job tasks) randomly becomes unavailable and does not start
  • Fixed: Prevent aircraft from spawning if stand is occupied
  • Fixed: First ATC tower cannot demolish even when a second ATC tower is built (reduced deconstruction time)
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary scrollbars on both income and expenses sub-panels in the budget overview dashboard
  • Fixed: Add fixed service road to cargo bay
  • Fixed: Picked up asset from conveyor belt node occupation issue
  • Fixed: Double-flip a runway before building, RWY36 will point S in the game world.
  • Fixed: Placing runway when zoomed-out causes game to bug
  • Fixed: Stripe Air livery missing for CRJ-700
  • Fixed: While nothing is built yet, there are already building operation costs
  • Fixed: Validate that boarding time starts earlier if flight is delayed and that duration is suitable.
  • Fixed: Unable to demolish check-in counter
  • Fixed: Taxiway foundation can be built through terminal
  • Fixed: Deactivated security checkpoints are reactivated without player intervention, possibly when opening operations panel it reacts to the “close all” slider
  • Fixed: Rezoning an item that has jobs attached to it must update the job’s security area
  • Fixed: Duplicate cargo loading job created
  • Fixed: Replace continuous job regeneration system with a smarter solution
  • Fixed: Autosave breaks loading panel (autosave can be enabled but it can only store 1 autosave)
  • Fixed: One of the four squares of AIRPORT SCREEN does not occupy any space.
  • Solve issue with multiple check-in desks and multiple cargo bay
  • Multiple changes to the tutorial including adding a manuals panel and a tutorial branch for luggage.
  • Re-implemented baggage handling
  • Tweaked some sounds and added terminal ambiance
  • Reduce franchise rent fee

Allright, that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed it and that you liked the news we shared. There will be a devlog as per usual on Monday so tune in then! Looking forward to meeting you all over the weekend.

Fly safe!

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