Dev Blog 83: More Bug Fixing and New Screens

September 5, 2017

Hey all! We’ve had a productive week with several interim CEOs finding a lot of bugs and consequently us solving a lot of those bugs. But before we go any longer, we will not announce any release date today. This is due to the previous mentioned reasons and the overall outlook has not changed, we are making significant process and are testing and resolving issues related to major systems as well as minor quality fixes. Refer to the path notes list below for the exact details. We’ve cycled many versions of the build since the previous week and are right now running Alpha Version 0.19.6.

The screens we posted the previous week received some criticism for looking bland and questions were raised regarding if something had changed in relation to the overall art style. The reason for this was that the testers in those screens were looking to build larger airports and pushing the game engine to see where it would hurt. This was not clearly communicated by us and to scratch that itch we’re now supplying you with some shots from another interim CEO’s airport which had a much larger focus on constructing something that would look nice.

This week we have also implemented a completely new panel know as the “Manuals” panel which will act as an instruction hand book and task list for any aspiring CEO to reference as they are creating their first airports. While this indeed is new functionality, its purpose is to mitigate construction confusion and flattening the learning curve.

Airport CEO Alpha v0.19.0 to v0.19.6 Patch Notes

  • Fixed: Increased chance of aircraft choosing a different route if taxiway is occupied
Economy and Business:
  • Added a smarter way to set price, penalties etc depending on business class (will be useful if we need to balance economy aspects)
  • Fixed: Make sure proper contracts are offered according to stand size
Building and Construction:
  • Fixed an issue with game freeze when building secure zone
  • Added variations to road to enable different foundation
  • Fixed an issue with with items spawning as not activated
  • Fixed a mysterious lag when building
  • Enable proper removal of attachable fuel tanks
  • Boarding desk spawn as inactive and is not possible to open manually fixed
  • Service road now have different pricing per type
  • Fixed: Power symbol randomly appears on all interaction items over time
  • Fixed: Runway sign not saving rotation correctly
  • Fixed: Planes clip if the are in a queue for take off
  • Fixed: Passengers arrive too early on deserialization
  • Fixed: Service Road textures does not properly save
  • Fixed: Rooms with franchises do not always deserialize correctly in regards to open or closed state
  • Fixed: Reduced closed announcer distraction level
  • Fixed: Off symbol doesn’t appear on newly built stands and other objects
  • Fixed: PAX can sit on unconstructed seats
  • Fixed: Upon deletion of desks, make sure that any zone generated by the desk is automatically removed
  • Fixed: Zone tiles get stacked under boarding door on stand
  • Fixed: Add an option for players to manually set push back point to reduce the chance of collisions and deadlocks
  • Fixed issues with stuck janitors and several issues with job task system
  • Fixed an issue with airport vehicles cannot find path
  • Reduce start cash to make game more difficult
  • Fixed: Multiple security staff occupying same space
  • Fixed an issue with aircraft stuck outside world
  • Fixed: Contractor deployment and retrieval not working optimally
  • Fixed: Fuel truck should not be able to be ordered without a fuel depot and vehicle depot
  • Fixed: Security staff cannot find rooms in secure area
  • Fixed: Fired employees do not leave immediately
  • Fixed: Franchise staff can go home directly after arriving to work
  • Fixed: When people are buying food and there are no sofas or chairs in the food area, they will never eat always stay hungry
  • Fixed: Franchise staff does not leave airport if their associated businesses contract is cancelled
  • Fixed: Fuel Truck deadlock after demolition of vehicle depot
  • Fixed: Franchise staff does not retain their job task if failing to complete it
  • Fixed: Some pax will float (no walking animation) through any walls or items to reach a security exit
  • Fixed: Passengers use bathroom in staff zone
  • Fixed: Automatic stand and security assignment, no more connection lines
  • Fixed: Service vehicle controller reset method legacy issue
  • Fixed: Boarding and ramp agent job should not use the “connected to stand” variable but the secure area number
  • Fixed: Franchise staff not arriving properly after deserialization
UI and Audio:
  • A click error which breaks asset UI is fixed
  • Runway click point error has been fixed
  • Reworked part of the variations system handling object variations such as different foundations
  • Fixed an issue with the selection canvas not aligning correct
  • Fixed: The “Operate Security Station” is listed twice in the shifts panel
  • Fixed: Flight schedule IATA code shows own airport, should show origin and destination
  • Fixed: Procurement panel not generating products correctly
  • Added option to zoom with keypad
  • Game speed UI colours are now better distinct between speeds
  • First name and surname box not intuitive, are now separate input forms
  • Fixed: Triple on the time selector is spelled as “Tripple”
  • Fixed: The “What’s your name?” field asks for surname even if I provide a short one
  • Added a minimize button to the management panel
  • Various improvements on build panel such as text and panel corrections
  • Added flight planner button to confirm all delays
  • Fixed: Flight planner button to confirm all delays
  • Fixed: Mouse Wheel scroll in placeable panel (e.x. items ) is working poorly and scroll bar is not very visible
  • Fixed: Enhance upgrade button feature to cover individual buttons within a button group (i.e. food room button) as well as variations buttons
  • Fixed: Character creation says ‘First name’ on both fields
  • Implemented a new manuals panel to better deal with game tutorials and instructions
  • Fixed: E-mail do not sort by newest
  • Fixed: Allocating flights on not ready stands with no boarding desk
  • Fixed: After renaming security checkpoint, the name in job tasks is not changed with it
  • Fixed: When paused, notifications window doesn’t react correctly
  • Fixed: Placing several items closes the placeable panel
  • Fixed: Menus doesn’t work when paused
  • Fixed: Can’t rename stands properly
  • Fixed: Disable option to allocate flight if not confirmed in flight planner to avoid duplicate allocation
  • Fixed: Expired contracts can be accessed
  • Fixed: Spelling mistake on “Product Procured”

We’re going to keep it short here and get back to the code. We’re currently in the process of testing the baggage system, as it was pulled back due to construction confusion (which should be mitigated with some important gameplay changes and the implementation of the Manuals panel) and will let the interim CEO’s get their hands on it this week. This is the last significant quality testing hurdle we have to overcome and the last component that we expect to generate any critical bug reports this week.

Thank you for still staying with us and realizing that these efforts are put in place to deliver a more qualitative and playable game. Fly safe!

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