Dev Blog 72: Third Gameplay Video Release Week

June 20, 2017

Welcome to the 72nd and last week’s devlog! We’ve had a really fun week with the shooting and editing of the third and last gameplay video which we released out of the blue yesterday, if you haven’t heard about that yet or seen the video, don’t worry as we’ll dive into it soon. Olof has temporarily relocated to sunny Florida taking a few well deserved days off after the completion of his Master’s degree, mixing getting burned in the sun with swimming and pool side coding (that’s also the reason to why this devlog is a bit later than usual as we’re now on US east coast time). Fredrik is however stuck indoors working on implementing the winners of the business competition (still many to select, so it is still chance to be selected even if you have not been contacted yet). On top of that we are running the normal test and are polishing of rough edges as we find them. But now, let’s talk gameplay video three.

Release of the Final Gameplay Video

Last week we recorded and put together the final gameplay video, at least the final one presented by us in a pre-alpha state, and released it yesterday (Sunday). We thought it would be fun to not announce it this time but to instead give you future CEO’s a bit of a surprise which we think worked quite well. This last time we featured the full passenger cycle as it works today and discussed its associated aspects. Judging by your comments via our different channels as well as on the forum it seems as if we are still on the right track towards creating the airport tycoon game that you want. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to us as you’ve been a major part in the development of ACEO, directly by coming up with airlines and businesses to implement but also indirectly through discussion and feedback. If you haven’t seen the video yet, feel free to check it out now!

What we’ve also received are a lot of comments on minor bugs and stuff that needs polishing. As you might know from our development blog throughout these years is that we work very iteratively with a solid focus on the solid functionality of the bigger systems that control the game and stuff like wrong labels in the UI or weirdly moving vehicles are not at the top of our list. Of course there are still many things that needs to be polished and fixed but right now the focus is on testing and improvement of playability and balancing of the game. We will continue to watch your comments and respond to your questions as much as we can. Again, thank you for all of your amazing support!

Report Minor Bugs

However, contrary to the release of the previous videos we are now finally interested in the bugs that you find. These bugs usually only take a few minutes to properly identify and log them takes a bit more time which is why we’d be really glad to get your help. We’ve set up a form where you can input any finds you make and to avoid creating duplicates you can even check the forum thread beforehand!

More information on how to submit a bug can be found here!

Thanks for any help you can provide us.

This Week’s Changelog

  • ATC fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed an issue with GA not always leaving the airport
  • Minor sprite corrections and changes
  • Removed what people refered to as “code reading” (short breaks between activites), the whole cycle is  now a lot more smooth and continuous
Economy and Business:
  • Several minor tweaks and fixes
  • Various minor bugs fixed
  • Added correct color coding for fuel types (Jet A-1 and Avgas 100LL)
  • Fixed the texture missmatch between stands and taxiway
  • Grass now has a uniform look
  • New layering system implemented for objects depending on wether they are inside our outside (i.e. no more shining construction layers at night and no more dark vehicles inside at night).
  • Solved an issue related to the dynamic queueing system where passengers would run other passengers over
  • Solved an issue that caused boarding to sometimes stall
UI and Other:
  • Many small fixes discovered by fans sorted out in the latest gameplay video
  • Implemented proper build scripts for Windows and Mac and added functionality for local saving and loading on both platforms
  • A lot of testing…

Over the coming week we will continue to monitor and review the comments we get on the third video and start addressing those bugs that the community help submit.

We have not yet completed the Steam Direct submission as we are waiting for some paperwork from the bank. Steam Direct requires a fair bit of more information than Steam Greenlight and for this we need about another week or so to get. We’ll bring you more updates on this as we get them.

That’s it for this week, see you through out the next!

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