Dev Blog 71: The Business Design Contest, Steam Direct & Apoapsis Studios

June 13, 2017

Good evening and say hello to the 71st edition of the Airport CEO development blog. Another week has gone by and another week of progress has been made. We’ve a lot to talk about so without any fuzz, let’s just jump straight into it.

Closing of the Airport CEO Business Design Contest

Yesterday, June 11th 2017, we closed the Airport CEO Business Design Contest and subsequently closed down all submission channels. It has been truly fantastic to review all creative submission as well as discovering all the great talent that resides within the community and we are equally as impressed as we were during the Airline Design Contest. We thought we share some statistics of the number of submissions we got for each category…

  • 89 shops and or tax frees
  • 35 banks
  • 39 contractors and construction companies
  • 100 cafés, restaurants or bars
  • 41 aviation fuel suppliers

In total, that’s 304 submissions. Wow! We said we would start selecting some more logos yesterday but due to a more important task we have yet not had the chance to fully go through all designs. Instead, we will do so during the remainder of this week. All winners will receive a special forum badge and of course the promised free copy (key) of Airport CEO once it releases. Some winners have already been selected and their businesses implemented, meaning that they are not only giving us a major hand in reaching our desired releasable state but also that they now can officially call them selves game designers. While we initially put a limit on how many logos and concepts we were looking for in relation to a specific business type byt we’ve decided to ignore that as we’ve received too many good submissions. The more the merrier! Again, all winners will of course receive their prices.

If there’s a need for more logos within a certain category we might re-open the design contest again for that specific category, this also goes for the Airline Design Contest.

Steam Direct

Tomorrow, and already today in some places, it is the 13th of June which marks the date that Steam has promised to launch Steam Direct, which we wrote about in the previous week’s devlog. As of now we do not know more than what has been announced and we have really no idea of what the submission process looks like. The plan is to be one of the first titles to pass the new process but as many of you have heard there is a 30 day waiting time for new studios collaborating with Steam. While we might have wanted to release earlier than that, it is out of our power but with all bad things comes something good. The extra time will allow us to perform more testing and help mitigate potential undiscovered game breaking bugs as well as allowing us to continue our polishing efforts. Tomorrow we will learn more about Steam Direct and from that point on we can plan our strategy, thus, we will get back to this topic in next week’s devlog.

Apoapsis Studios

We’re happy to announce that Apoapsis Studios is now a “real” studio. The transformation process of turning this placeholder brand into the ACEO mothership has went very well and we now have the organizational infrastructure to support Airport CEO as a product, complying with important laws in Sweden and other aspects. We don’t really have much more to say about this but though we’d let you know that an important goal of releasing Airport CEO now has been fully accomplished.

What goes up must come down… #gamedev #gamedesign #indiegames #unity3d #indiegame #madewithunity #unity3d #gameart #tycoon #indiedev #code
— AirportCEO (@AirportCEO) June 8, 2017

Just a quick .gif of a construction simulation test run. This week we marked the construction simulation system as shippable.

This Week’s Changelog

  • Implemented dynamic turnaround time depending on aircraft size
  • Minor bug issues solved
Economy and Business:
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect counting of amount of hired employees
  • Fixed some bugs in relation to the new delivery system such as error handling for removed construction demand, order delivery consolidation and similar
  • Various minor bugs fixed
  • Fixed road configurations on bus stops and drop of structures to prevent the vehicle going backwards
  • Contractors now walk on top of the blue prints instead of beneath it, i.e. solved a weird bug
  • Dirt patches generate from construction removal now slowly fade away instead of instant disappearance
  • Fixes some issues with employee hire and fire.
  • Refactored stand model and moved code to flight object to reduce code complexity
  • Re-implemented the broken clip board animation for ramp agents perform service round on an aircraft
  • Vehicles now simulate congestion! Constructing only one delivery site on the main road and building a large terminal will punish you in terms of long queues
  • Solved some issues related to arriving passenger behavior and baggage
  • Solved an issue with vehicles not orienting themselves after their true world heading, caused reduction of top speed and was super annoying
  • Re-vamped and consolidated several passenger boarding systems to allow for
  • Persons now dynamically queue for bus stops similar to boarding desks and other desks without a static queue
  • Vehicles now slowly rotate instead of instantly correcting when parking on transit structures, it’s considered an OK fix for now
  • Employees can now be fired again (lol, about time…)
UI and Other:
  • Updated the construction overview UI panel
  • Fixed a sorting issue with employee type
  • Improved icon layout in building meny and added headers

This change log is not really completely fair everything we’ve been doing this week, we’re doing a lot of ad-hoc super small tickets such as adding an extra step in the check-in process where passengers now go up to the band for dropping off baggage, secure zone exits now have two paths and other small details and polishing. Just thought we’d let you know that there’s more activity going on than just these major bullets!

That’s it for this week. Come join us over at the forum if you want to and if you’re not already a member, hope to see you during the rest of the week! Oh, and by the way, don’t be surprised if you get a newsletter from us soon as we’ll be reviving it. Once a new newsletter is pushed out we’ll let you know through our various channels.

Fly safe.

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