Dev Blog 68: A Short Update on This Week’s and The Next Week’s Progress

May 23, 2017

Hello! It’s Monday (well… Tuesday for us) on May the 23rd 2017 and time for a very short update on what we’re currently up to. Development has slowed down a bit this week due to large resource constraints in regards to time. Progress will be slower than usual this week as well, but is expected to be back to normal as we enter June. Due to the limited amount of time we have, this development blog is unusually short but we’d like to mention three things that have been worked on this week.

  1. System modeling aspects, i.e. stuff that is not related to the code but related to development in terms of code and system documentation which will help us in developing the game over time.
  2. Some initial and basic tutorial functionality, ACEO is a complex game and it is crucial that we try to instruct the player on how to operate the more complex parts of the game.
  3. Bug solving and more testing.

In other news, we’ll launch another design contest this week that’ll revolve around the previous themes but within a different context; we’ll not dive in the details now but update you when it goes live! We’re also taking another important steps towards realizing Apoapsis Studios as well this week in regards to meeting with a bank and filing papers.

Lastly we’d like to make a note that the website and forum will go down for some time later this week as we are moving our server to a new location due to living relocations. At what time the server will be removed and for how long it is expected to be down will be announced a few hours prior to the move.

Please excuse this unusually short update but as we said again, the time we’ve had on our hands these two weeks have been limited due to excessive amounts of private-life related work and events. Once June hits, all crucial parts of this project should start rolling out.

Thank you.

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