Dev Blog 67: A Deeper Look into Airlines and Franchises

May 16, 2017

Hej, hej och välkommen till denna veckas utvecklingsblogg! That’s Swedish for “hello and welcome to this week’s development blog” and we’ve now run out of english greeting phrases and have no other alternative than to take to the mother tongue. We’ve had yet another productive week, really productive, smashed the regular amount of bugs and made som huge performance gains thanks to some clever technologies. However, for this devlog, we will focus on something specific instead of just yabbing on like usual. Let’s talk airlines and franchises!

Deeper Look into Airlines and Franchises

We have only talked briefly about how franchises and signing contracts will work the game so we thought we would dedicate today’s devlog to give you a deeper insight into their mechanics. Also, maybe it could be good to document this for future wiki pages… we’re not ashamed of multitasking in the devlog. OK, maybe a little…


All contracts, regardless of type, will have different classes and ratings, up to five stars. The rating determines what types of aircraft that will be handled and how much money you will earn per flight, plus a completion bonus and also a penalty if you fail to complete the contract within time. For example, a one star (small) contract will only include smaller aircraft types with less payment per flight, while a three star (medium) contract will contain larger jet aircrafts with a larger payment. The higher class contracts will in turn require more airport features such as refueling service, baggage claims, priority lounges (not yet implemented though), emergency services (also not yet implemented) and so forth.

Each contract will require you to successfully turnaround a given amount of flights within a period of time. If you are successful, the airline will pay you a bonus and if not, a penalty is charged. The penalty is directly related to the rating and class of the contract, so a five star contract may have a penalty of 50 percent of the bonus meaning they are more risky to accept over a one star contract with a 15 percent penalty.

So to summarize, you currently receive income from airlines via these methods:

  • Runway usage
  • Passenger handling fee
  • Aviation fuel sales
  • Payment per flight
  • Contract completion bonus


Franchises have a similar system, with some modification of course. There is also five different classes and ratings for franchises, which determine a variety of requirements and how much money you can earn. If we take the Saras (a household Swedish brand!) example below: The franchise will pay you $11 per each m^2 up to the required size (149 m^2). And hey, there will be no ability to cheat by building a 1000 m^2 room just to get the extra money. They will give you a cut of four percent of all sold goods. For the completion bonus, a minimum of 105 sales must be completed over fourr hours (normally this value is longer, up to several days but it is currently only set for four hours for testing purposes). Furthermore, they required 149 m^2, which we cannot fulfill at the moment, as the room we have selected is only 91 m^2. They also required seven shop shelves and our current room only have six. Looks like we’ll have to rebuild before accepting that contract…

What else… yes, all goods sold have a different unit price, which is also directly related to the class of the contract. So exclusive contracts will give you a higher cut and since the goods that are being sold is more expensive, you will get a much higher cut per sale. To make it even more interesting, a store can sell several type of goods with different unit price (as you can see below: clothes, newspaper and magazines). Same principle applies for food such as restaurant and cafes. Sounds complex? Well, if you like micro-manage, we hope that you will appreciate this system, if not, then there is always the option just to sign the first best contract and just watch the money roll in. Or roll out, depending on how expensive your airport is in terms of operational costs…

To summarize, you can get income from franchises with these three fees:

  • Rent per hour
  • Sales cut and commission
  • Contract completion bonus


Here’s a quick snapshot of our small domestic test airport’s only taxfree. A franchise store selling clothes, magazines and newspaper (please note that goods textures are highly temporary and that the UI panel is by no means completed).

This Week’s Changelog

  • Added the final liveries of the new airlines Maple, Air Strada & SkyLink
Economy and Business:
  • Further improved the rating system
  • Tried to solve a non-existing bug that was simply test values… we should really start documenting stuff
  • Updated the sprite for jetway and added warning sound when in motion
  • Optimized rendering aspects which resulted in a very notable performance boost
  • Fixed an issue with walls not being able to be built on underground baggage belts
  • Fixed an issue with grid not hiding after room placement
  • Fixed an issue with person eyes not getting the correct material for inside or outside use… essentially removed the previously accidentally created zombies with glowing eyes in the dark (lol xD)
  • Fixed an issue with the passenger animation not resetting correctly
  • Solved an issue with passengers grabbing interaction items (seats, desks, toilets, etc.) they are not allowed to
  • Fixed a bug that caused rollbags not to spawn
  • Fixed a bug that gives bags placed on the conveyor belt correct corresponding “laying down” sprite
  • Solved an issue with aviation fuel supply trucks not leaving the airport upon fuel delivery completion
  • Serialized fuel depots (about freaking time)
  • Consolidated and rebuilt parts of the fuel depot and fueling system, aircraft that require a specific type of fuel (Avgas 100 LL or Jet A1) can now only be fueled by a fuel truck that has the correct corresponding fuel loaded, which is siphoned from a fuel depot holding that type of fuel… essentially now (finally) simulating correct fuel types
  • Removed a CPU costly method for animating carrying of assets (baggage, tools) and instead integrated it into a persons body movement, saved a few milliseconds of computing and got a lot more realistic baggage carrying that follows a person’s exact movement
  • A. Lot. Of. Testing.
UI and Other:
  • Added LOD for small sprites to improve rendering
  • Removed the old notification strip in the top menu panel and replaced it with a categorized notification center that actually makes sense, will go deeper into this when its fully tested
  • Rebuilt parts of Fuel Depot panel to better facilitate the new fuel type divide

That’s it for this week but we want to give you a brief update on the Greenlight campaign. Our ambition was to finalize the more-part of it during the weekend but due to some family related health issues it was not possible to get together and do this (don’t worry, everyone is OK). Instead of rushing it, we aim to do it thoroughly and present something really good, we’ve only got one chance and we want to make the utter most out of it. What you should remember is that our internal release date is not affected by the progress of the Greenlight campaign and that development is still moving forward in the same pace as always. Right now, the biggest hurdle is meeting and signing with the bank, once that is completed there is nothing holding us back.

All the best and fly safe!

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