Dev Blog 64: Apoapsis Studios & Object Panel Consolidation

April 25, 2017

Good (Swedish) evening! We’ve heard you’re looking for a job and each week we are working hard so that we finally can put out those job postings for a new role as an airport CEO! We’ve made a lot of progress this week, not only in terms of development but also from an organizational perspective. Let’s get into it…

Apoapsis Studios

Apoapsis Studios is about to become a real company very, very soon. We have started the formal process of starting up a company here in Sweden and the reason we have not done this before is simply because in Sweden need you need a fairly large sum of money as your initial investment and we wanted to feel confident about the release of Airport CEO before we decide to allocate this sum. There are quite a lot of administrative steps, forms to fill and approvals to seek ahead so this will take a few days to setup. We don’t want to bore you with all the bureaucratic details, but we thought it could be interesting for you to know! This also means that we for this purpose won’t be doing any kind of fundraising campaign such as Kickstarter, which was disclosed in the roadmap as a possible step, but instead will go directly to Steam Greenlight and an early access release. The roadmap has been updated and there is now only one way ahead: Forward!

Object Panel Consolidation

A lot of time this week was been devoted to consolidating a lot of different object panels into one. An object panel is a panel that pops up whenever you press an object such as a check-in desk, a stand or a vehicle. While this really didn’t have that much of an impact on the user it saves about 75% of the previously required work in regards to implementing a new panel for an object. The change came about as we wanted to implement panels for the baggage bay and for the baggage claim area and with the large overhaul which took a lot of hours, the implementation of the new panel went very quickly. We consider it a long-term investment, just like all the other big overhauls we’ve done, that in the future is a much better platform to build of.

Baggage Claim

Due to the massive UI panel reconstruction we’ve not had enough time to fully finalize this very last part of the passenger simulation cycle. We’ve implemented the principles for constructing domestic and international baggage claim areas as well as finalized the complete baggage simulation, loading and offloading processes… well, basically any interaction with the baggage. The last part is the baggage claim activity which is completed, but needs a bit more polishing and testing to look good enough for display. Perhaps we’ll save it for the last video.

This Week’s Changelog

  • Fixed an issue with aircraft colliding on taxiway and improved the current node occupy system to prevent this from happening
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect offset for lights
  • Implemented domestic and international routes as a property of an airline, thus an airline can traffic only domestic routes (within the same country as the airport), international routes or both
Economy and Business:
  • Scrapped some stupid code related to job task activation and replaced it with a much smarter system
  • Vehicle now generate unwalkable nodes on stands and baggage bays so that ramp agents will avoid them (walk around) in a realistic way
  • Fixed an issue with placing objects with multiple zone types
  • Implemented domestic and international baggage claim areas
  • Solved an issue where queue overlays and baggage belt overlays toggling became out of sync
  • Implemented fixes for better occupation of desks when employees claim jobs
  • Implemented code for simulating baggage traveling to designated baggage claim areas
  • Implemented passenger behavior for claiming baggage
  • Expanded the airport database with medium sized airports as well allowing for more realistic flight route generation of domestic flights
  • Implemented a Unity related sprite rendering improvement allowing for better performance at high zoom out level
  • Made the dynamic queueing a bit more realistic with a less “robotesque” queue reaction time
UI and Other:
  • Completely overhauled serval object panels both in terms of code and design
  • Implemented a turnaround service monitor so that a CEO can get a better understanding of what’s going on at a specific stand
  • Implemented a generic system for naming objects, anything that is clickable is now nameable
  • Implemented a generic system for deactivating objects and also tied it to the object’s effects

The Design Contest

If you’ve missed it, we’re currently running an airline design contest, currently in its final voting stage, where over 500 people have already cast their ballot. We received a total of 100 design submissions, all of great quality and selecting the top 10 was practically impossible. While they we’re all amazing submissions, we chose the top 10 based on the style alignment with the current game art concept and now the community is helping us pick the final winners. The time is not yet up and you still have a chance to make an impact, head over to the forum and make your voice heard!

What else… what else… oh, well, we’ve as usual been running a lot of testing. We’ve also taken the time to, in detail plan everything that needs to be done before, during and after the release. Feels really good to have everything sorted out!

That’s it for this week, hope you liked it. Thank you for your continued support and dedication in ACEO.

We hope to repay you very soon.

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