Dev Blog 62: 2nd Gameplay Video Release, Design Contest & Progress

April 11, 2017

Hi and welcome to the 62nd edition of the Airport CEO development blog! It’s been some time since we last published but as you know, compiling one of these takes valuable time from development and thus we sometime decide to skim ’em. This week however we have so much to talk about that it simply cannot be skipped. Please, enjoy…

The Second Gameplay Video

As most of you know two weeks ago we released the second part of the gameplay video featuring some airplane action, employees and some management aspects. If you have not yet seen it, be sure to check out below:

Yet again we’ve received invaluable comments and feedback on what we’ve built so far. Again it seems that most of you like what you see, while others get disturbed by the crazy 180 turn, so disturbed that we consequently made sure to fix it the very next day. We won’t spend too much time talking about this as you instead can see for yourself in the above pasted video, but what’s next? We’re currently working hard on tying all ends together and finishing the commercial aspects and the complete passenger simulation life cycles. This includes a lot of testing as it involves pretty much every aspect of the game, everything from job simulation to baggage simulation and beyond. As of now there is no date for the next video, we’ll drop it once we are ready but we’ll also continue to keep you updated on the progress.

Airline Design Contest

Last week we also introduced The Airport CEO Airline Design Contest, where we have asked our fans to help us come up with a new airline design. We have received over 75 submission so far and we are extremely impressed of the designs we have gotten so far. You can see many of the great submissions in this forum thread. The contest will close if we hit 100 submissions or by the end of April 16th (23:59 GMT+1). After that we will pick the top ten designs (that will not be easy(!)) and then we will have the community vote for their favorite. The top three will then be gradually implemented into Airport CEO and the winners will receive a well-earned free copy of Airport CEO (once EA is released). So be sure to submit your design soon!

We did not know that we were going to get this many submissions and even though the contest is not yet finished, we would say it has been a great success so far. We will definitely consider doing a similar contest again, however, there are some administration work in handling submission and setting up the contest which does take away time from coding. Then we will also spend some time converting the designs to our real textures and to the other aircraft models, in the future we hope to be able to get rid of this and implement some kind of modding function where you easily can add your own airlines into the game.

Read more here!

Steam SDK and Build Pipeline

We’d like to inform you that we have started looking at the Steam SDK and reading up on integrating with the Steam release platform. This is a sign that we are getting closer to the Greenlight and eventually early access release, however, we will not disclose any more info on this at this very moment. We’ve also set up a build pipelines for the various builds (primarily Windows and Mac) for easy build distribution but remember we also have the third gameplay video to shoot, as well as a campaign trailer.

What We’ve Been Up To

We have been smashing bugs like a crazy tennis player in the amazon jungle. Since it’s difficult to keep track of our progress the below entries are from this week’s kanban sheets. We’re essentially doing a lot of quality testing primarily targeting building aspects and currently passenger simulation aspects. We’re currently running long tests with hundreds of flights, both GA and commercial, testing to make sure that no errors are thrown and tweaking processes so that all objects have the time to actually make an optimal turnaround. Here’s another  .gif of the earlier featured very small domestic airport working at medium capacity.

This Week’s Changelog

  • Fixed awkward 180 turn on taxiway…
  • Fixed numerous issues related to turnaround principles
  • Altered some principles and implemented new mechanics for how turnaround services are ordered
  • Object that cost $0 can now be built even if you have negative balance (lol… lame bug)
  • Total cost is now displayed before placing any object and is also animated after placement on the correct object
  • Zone and rooms are now smarter implemented in each item so that each item knows which room and zone it is in, this is also serialized correctly
  • Rooms can no longer be built across different zones
  • Taxiway issue when dragging over runway fixed
  • Fixed a lag while building stand
  • Extending of the runway now removed trees correctly
  • Stand can now be upgraded from grass to asphalt or concrete
  • PAPI lights can now be added to runway
  • Upgrades system are now dynamic and can be implemented to all structures
  • Re-design of the open doors system so that the person path now contains information about doors to open
  • Passenger zone permission data are now smarted
  • Improved camera movement
  • Fixed an error with the fuel truck leaving the fuel depot
  • Implemented generic system for attaching a baggage cart train to baggage service truck
  • Implemented job generation for service trucks fetching baggage loading and unloading jobs
  • Solved a major issue with the object pooler not reseting person and asset objects, crashing pretty much any process when they we’re re-pooled to the game world with wrong or pre-generated variables (lol)
  • Fixed multiple serialization issues… and will probably have several more as we move into deep serialization testing phases
UI and Other:
  • Implemented an operations overview panel where the player can toggle wether or not the airport is open, activate or deactivate baggage handling or refueling turnaround services
  • Started scrapping the old map and implementing the new one which means no Google logo and new features

That’s it for this week. Thanks for your continued support, faith and interest in ACEO. Can’t wait to share more details with you up ahead!

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