Dev Blog 61: About the Release Date & Release Date of Next Gameplay Video

March 28, 2017

Dearest future CEO, how we long to remove that “future” and give you the job today, welcome to the 61st devlog. Another week has gone and we’ve yet again been able to put in a lot of hours, some of us more than the other, but nonetheless great progress has been made.

But today it is time to talk about something different. Q1 is about to end and ACEO is yet to be released. As you of course can understand, we won’t make Q1. We’ve mentioned this a couple of times before in the devlogs, on the forums and on one and another reddit post but it is time to emphasize this matter and so it is time to give you a complete rendition of the current status of our development build.

Where are we now?

Looking at the current state of the game, we have implemented all the features that we planned for the pre-alpha. Right now our only focus is to thoroughly test the different systems to make sure there are no major, potentially gameplay destroying, bugs or errors. We are basically spending every single available hour on testing and polishing different aspects of the game.

What about the Q1 target?

As we are nearing end of Q1, naturally we’ve gotten this question a lot. We have always said that our aim was to release in Q1 but with only few days left and some changed circumstances the last months it is fair to say that this target will not be met. This is of course disappointing to many fans and not the least ourselves but as we’ve mentioned several times before, we’re a two man studio with jobs and school obstructing our true interest, ACEO. There are many reasons why this goal was not meet and even though we hate to throw a bunch of excuses at you, we would just like to remain transparent and to share some of the contributing factors:

  • Winter overhaul of several core system took more time to complete than expected
  • A lot of legacy code have been re-design to improve performance and maintainability
  • There has been some development and changes in market
  • We have shifted towards a more quality mindset with higher attention to bug fixing
  • Normal life and duties have the nasty habit of sometimes getting in the way

When will it be released?

Before you start to panic, we can assure you that the release is not far out. This is not a six month “delay” because as you have seen in the first gameplay, and what you will see in the second and third video, is that most of the core game aspects are ready to ship. Our only goal right now is to have a shippable version as soon as possible. We are not implementing anything major and new in the game from now on, general aviation was the last addition because it made a lot of sense from a pre-alpha content perspective. All focus will be on testing and polishing existing game mechanics. We have decided not set a date, week or even month. We understand that many of you don’t like this decision but we really hate to miss a deadline or break a promise. We are only two guys doing this on our free time and trust us and we have made huge sacrifices to come this far. We are extremely proud of how far we have come and very excited for what the future may hold. Judging by the feedback we get from you, the amazing community, you love the attention to detail and potential quality of ACEO and that requires meticulous development.

The Road Ahead

When we’re ready, Steam Greenlight Campaign and if, or when, that is successful then release once integration with Steamworks SDK is complete.

Progress made this Week

Even though Olof has been in Iceland and enjoying the mind-blowingly beautiful country side (seriously, go there if you have the chance and possibility) a lot of progress has still been made with Fredrik pulling crazy hours.

This Week’s Changelog

  • GA overnight parking, if a GA flight lands to late, they will stay until the morning and you will collect the dough
  • Aviation Refueling Simulation re-implemented after some important overhauling
  • Lots of bugs resolved in regards to path occupying and landing sequences
  • Adjusted aircraft type fuel capacity (yes, aircraft’s fuel capacity is realistically simulated)
  • A lot more
  • Cost is displayed and calculated correctly before building anything
  • Economy system finalized and hooked into all aspects of the game
  • A lot of prices calibrated and adjusted per hours and hours of gameplay testing, making sure that making a profit is possible
  • Adjusted the standard CEO salary from $1000 to $100 per hour (lol, although you can change this yourself it turns out to be difficult to pay yourself that much in the beginning… ;) ...)
  • A lot more
  • Re-vamped important parts of the vehicle controlling super class
  • Made some changes to the check-point structure and added a gate bar opening simulation
  • Killed bugs
  • Runway is now correctly destroyed and upgraded
  • A lot of testing such as running the game for several in-game weeks
  • Hooked in aviation fuel delivery to the new commodity delivery system
  • Wrote visual effect improvements for fuel trucks and solved bugs related to this
  • A lot more
UI and Sprites:
  • Worked a lot with visual feedback, visual text cues are displayed when loosing or earning money per indication of the object, for example, a fuel truck will spawn small dollar signs indicating sale of aviation fuel
  • Implemented an aircraft information panel
  • Bug squashing
  • Implemented a management panel for setting length of job shifts
  • A lot more

The Second Gameplay Video

The second gameplay video featuring general aviation, staffing, basic management such as more contract acceptance as well as aviation fuel simulation, will drop on Saturday. No exact time will be given but we will  of course notify you through all the usual channels.

Great times lie ahead future CEO, the waiting is soon done. Thank you for staying with us.

Some polishing to be done, yes, but the opening gate bar perspective effect was quite nice we thought.

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