Dev Blog 55: Continuing with BAe & AI Improvements

January 24, 2017

Hello and welcome to the 55th edition of the Airport CEO development blog. Another week in the hole accompanied by advancements as well as setbacks, advancements such as better, more evolved and more stable code and setbacks such as crashing development tools. Although development has been somewhat restricted due to other intruding aspects of life, however, there’s always content for a devlog. Here we go…

Continuing the BAe-146 Creation

We’ve made some progress on the new aircraft to be implemented as voted by you, the community! If it wouldn’t have been for crashing tools, we wouldn’t have needed to do some more work on the fuselage, tail section and then later on add windows and doors as well. We try to alternate between code and design and therefore you might see more or less progress each week depending on where our focus has been. Anyhow, we plan to finish the design by this week and have it implemented in the game by the next week. From that point on its just a matter of implementing the existing liveries which as usual is fairly straight forward. And as per usual, we will also show you the maiden flight similar to when we implemented the Boeing 737-600!

Over at the forum you can follow the step-by-step progression, here’s a snapshot of the current state:

AI Improvements

We have spent the week overhauling large parts of the basic AI error handling for a multitude of different aspects. It’s principles was initially developed for vehicles, which is completed, and is now being adopted for persons (employees and passengers). The error handling aspects including being able to handle unexpected situations during the simulation and essentially through code answering the questions “What happens if a road tile is demolished?” or “What happens if a bus must find a new path?”. This is an essential aspect of simulation as there must be no situation where the AI breaks down knowing not what to do as a result of an action taken by the player. Here’s two snapshots of the error handling in the two mentioned situations (construction simulation is turned off)…

No need to comment on the vehicle movements. We are just as aware as you are and it’s considered details for now, we’ll have a look at it later. As we said, we are currently adapting these principles into the person controllers to check for stuff like wether an object has been built in a persons path, and then adjust the path according to this. Since we are now using a completely solid node based grid system there are some new interesting things in relation to person simulation that we are looking into experimenting with, if our ideas are feasible you’ll read about them later.

This Week’s Changelog

New Grid System:
  • Resolved minor grid node updating issues
Building System:
  • Added middle mouse button as a control for rotating objects
  • Solved an issue with deserialization of objects with dynamic queues
  • Added error handling aspects of vehicles in terms of removed interacting buildings or road
  • Made vehicles smarter so that if their path is disrupted they are now looking for new paths
  • Re-enabled construction demolition simulation
  • Revamped large aspects of person controlling classes to make way for improved AI and error handling
UI and Sprites:
  • Fixed a cursor sprite issue
  • Solved errors related to removed clickable objects
  • Re-implemented the coloring panel (as a result of the new grid system)

Oh yeah, last week we spoke of a meeting we intended to have but due to life circumstantials we were both unable to attend. While there is a lot to plan we would at least like to share with you that we have set a date for starting to shoot the upcoming gameplay video. We’re not sure as to how long time it will take to shoot and edit it but we think that it marks an important milestone that both you and we have been waiting for. We’ll bring you and update on this next week.

That’s it for this week! See you on the 30th! Fly safe.

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