Dev Blog 25: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer Release Week!

June 6, 2016

This week we reached an important milestone by releasing the Airport CEO Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer. The past few months have really been all about achieving an overall complete, but very basic, build where a a player can construct a dynamic and fully simulated airport containing all the features that we as a community together have come up with. We wanted to show you that we have a working product and wanted to share some of all of the elements that make Airport CEO a unique airport tycoon game.

One of the things that a few of you pointed out was two aspects of the UI including the stretchy text when using the square drag tool (like building foundations and zoning) and visibility issues when building queues. The gameplay video should really just be considered as a snap shot of the game’s basic concept and how basic elements work (as of the moment it was recorded) and while feedback on details even at this stage is great and highly appreciated, fixing small details are not our main objective from a development perspective as we still have some big chunks left to implement. However, this week’s development batch did include improvements for the queue builder which now looks like this (where the separate green square marks the position of the mouse):

The video got an overall great reception and you, the future CEOs, seem to like what we, the community, have come up with; however, we still have a long way to go. We’re currently in a pre-alpha state meaning that while basic things such as building and passenger simulation work well there are a number of aspects and features we want and need to include in order to achieve a product (alpha state) that we would feel comfortable releasing and then further build upon. But, as we’ve mentioned before, we’ve finished off school for this semester and that means that we’re now developing Airport CEO full time and that we have a lot more time on our hands from everything from developing the game to sharing new content like more screens and .gifs.

So what happens now? Since our pre-alpha Kanban sheet now has been completed (yes, we use Kanban, lol) we’ve created a new one called “Early-Access Alpha”. That’s where the development is heading and hopefully we will be able to complete that sheet by the end of this summer. A lot will of course happen on the way including weekly development blogs, screens and .gifs, additional videos and various campaigns. More on these will come in the following development blog as well as the latest news on what we are currently working with.

Have a great week and see you soon!

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