Dev Blog 154: A short summer update!

July 22, 2020

Hey there airport CEO! It’s the height of summer and we hope you’re enjoying yours, as we in the team are enjoying a lowered production pace as a result of ongoing vacations with the purpose of recharging before a last hectic fall with Airport CEO in early access. That means that this dev blog will be quite short and serve more as an update refresher than an actual dev blog digging into some specific topic. After the summer sale we had a brief 24-hour Steam daily deal and would again take this opportunity to welcome everyone who decided to pick up a new career during that time: Welcome! That said, and as you should know by now living the hectic life of an airport CEO, time is money and so let’s just get into it!

As briefly mentioned in the last dev blog we are currently testing Alpha 36 and the emergency update on the internal branch. The testing is done alongside the implementation of a few final features required before we can move the update forward to the experimental branch. In most cases this would be quite swift work, especially since Alpha 36 is far less complex than Alpha 35, however since we’re currently on summer leave and have limited access to time for development this will take a bit longer than initially expected. Since we’re a very small studio we cannot, like most other full-time working people, go on a full and lengthy summer vacation but in order not to overwork ourselves it’s important to at certain points wind down and take some time to recharge one’s battery. However, these vacations still allow for user support and occasional coding sessions which means that work is still moving forward, albeit at a lowered pace. Due to this reason we currently do not have a set date for the release of the emergency update to the experimental branch but hopefully as soon as possible. Keep watching the Trello board and the different social media channels and you’ll be the first to know when it drops.

As you know, after this final content update Airport CEO will transition into beta and we have a whole heap of stuff to work on and fix in relation to that. We’re really looking forward to getting to this stage as the game is, after multiple content updates, in a good position to get a final and very thorough QA pass. But until then, we’ll take it a little bit slower for a little bit longer and the next time we’ll talk, Alpha 36 will be out on the experimental branch. Fly safe!

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