Dev Blog 138: Internal testing of Alpha 33

October 15, 2019

Hi there, airport CEO, and welcome to another unusually short dev blog on the development of Airport CEO. This time around we’ve got unusually little time so let’s cut the pleasantries short and just jump straight into it.

Internal testing of Alpha 33

Since we last spoke, Alpha 33 and the big bird update has now made it to the internal branch and is currently being tested in full. Since the initial launch of Alpha 33 on the internal branch this past Friday we’ve deployed two additional updates on the internal branch and will be working throughout the week to stabilize the big bird update and get it ready for experimental deployment. Since the internal versions never make it to a public release, we do not process the bug reports through or full workflow, but we do however still use the bug reporting tool just like normal but instead publish internal changelogs for the focus group. We’d like to let you in on what exactly is happening behind the curtain, so therefore here are the internal change logs for the two first internal updates:

Alpha 33.0-1:

  • Fixed an issue with job tasks for service technicians and janitors not being completed
  • Fixed an issue with certain service vehicles not being correctly assignable to stands
  • Missing icon in vehicle panel fixed
  • Fixed null reference exception issue thrown for vehicles with trailers causing performance degradation
  • Fixed an issue with purchased large belt loader not being correctly serialized
  • Fixed an issue with certain vehicles not correctly parking at assigned stands
  • Fixed an issue where trailer links are not spawned correctly for serialized vehicles and trailers
  • Fixed an issue where master contracts wouldn’t spawn if only large stand were built
  • Added and fixed key fetching for certain buildable objects and buttons

Alpha 33.0-2:

  • Fixed issue where waste and catering trucks were not being able to reach their transit structures
  • Fixed an issue with bug reports not being able to be sent through until after save game reload via hard quit
  • Added explanatory text to the long-term short-term parking lot toggle
  • Fixed an issue where BAe 146 jetway goes to the incorrect door on large stand
  • Fixed an issue with lag spikes occurring after some gameplay time
  • Fixed an issue with bags not rotating correctly on conveyor belts
  • Max pushback distances increased
  • Fixed an issue with bags spawning on top of ULD during baggage bay unloading
  • Fixed an issue with transportation vehicles not increasing their onboard person count when boarding causing early departures
  • Fixed an issue where persons could walk through tunnels and light poles
  • Fixed an issue with the flight auto-planner not respecting large aircraft turnaround time causing overlap
  • Fixed an issue where conveyor belts built on separate floors incorrectly connect
  • Fixed an exception in the path caching system which could cause persons to come to a stand still

These two logs give a pretty good insight into the work currently being carried out and while Alpha 33 does not bring the same massive fundamental changes as for example Alpha 29 or Alpha 32 did, we’ve still got a lot of new experimental code in to support and improve all the new content that’s tagging along with this update.

The new public parking lot structure!

One such example is the new public parking lot structure. Each lot allows the parking of 28 vehicles and can be built in a variety of different combinations, ultimately together with other parking lot structures creating one big parking area. A parking lot is accessible by foot from either side meaning that you can easily create remote but accessible areas through construction of lots side-by-side or by using crosswalks. Parking lots can either be toggled as long-term or as short-term. Vehicles parking on short-term parking lots pay a higher price by the hour but also have a higher turnover of vehicles, hence why they ideally would be placed near the terminal. Long-term parking lots pay a lower price by the hour but in return stay for a longer period of time.

These public parking lots are just one example of the many new features coming in Alpha 33 which require not only functional testing but also balancing in terms of economics, throughput and person behavior. Alpha 33 will stay on the internal branch until its most severe childhood diseases have been cured and by then released on the experimental branch. Keep watching the ACEO feed and you’ll be the first to know when that happens!

In other news

… the airport logo design contest is still ongoing for another few days! Since the start of this contest we’ve received multiple wonderfully crafted entries and if you want to partake there is still time. The submission deadline ends on Sunday 20th of October 2019 at 23:59 (GMT+1) and you can join in here before then!

… the localization project has seen some new incredible advancements over the past few days. The total verification percentage of several languages have been moved forward but of course, as always, there’s still room for you to get involved and earn coins towards redeeming a Steam key in Localizor’s coin shop. Check out the translation project here and join in on bringing Airport CEO to your native language today.

… on Thursday 17th of October 2019 starting at 14:00 and for several hours forward we will unfortunately have to do some extensive infrastructure work on the Forum rendering it unavailable for the service period. Shortly after on Thursday 14:00 the Forum will enter a read-only mode and will move in and out of unavailability for the duration of the service window. Keep a look-out on our Twitter to see the latest status on the infrastructure developments.

That’s it for this week! Short but effective and now we really need to get back to stabilizing the big bird update. Fly safe!

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