Dev Blog 132: Stabilizing the multi-floor update and completing the aircraft cabin cleaning update

June 18, 2019

Good evening, airport CEO! Hope your airports are doing fine, despite the very large update we dropped last week introducing, quite literally, a new dimension to Airport CEO. Since then we've been busy stabilizing Alpha 31, overhauling some performance aspects of the UI and completing the last and final new turnaround service: Aircraft cabin cleaning. Since we've currently very invested into rolling out daily updates for the experimental branch and thus today's dev blog will be quite a lot shorter than usual. With that said, let's just get into it...

Stabilizing the multi-floor update

Last week we deployed to multi-floor update, Alpha 31, and has since deployed several bug fixing updates to mitigate the first round of issues being reported. Looking at the collective flow of bug reports we can determine that the lengthy internal testing period has paid off. We'll still be tending to new updates throughout the coming weeks, however we've not seen the same rate of critical bug reports we did as of, for example, Alpha 29 which had a much shorter internal incubation time. Given the fact that Alpha 32, the upcoming new turnaround services update, also has had an equally long (if not even a few days longer) incubation time on the internal branch, and the fact that it's mostly dependent on already thoroughly tested code as of the other existing turnaround services, we believe Alpha 32 to be relatively stable as well.

Updates will be served for Alpha 31 throughout the coming days and next week (with a break for the Swedish midsummer weekend).

Completing the aircraft cabin cleaning update

The final touches on the aircraft cabin cleaning have been put in place and the last turnaround service is currently being tested on the internal branch. We dug pretty deep into the functionality of aircraft cabin cleaning in the last dev blog so we'd though we'd keep it short this time and simply drop a few reference pictures for what's up ahead.

A turnaround in progress, featuring both aircraft cabin cleaning and catering trucks.

An empty garbage truck arriving for trash pickup...

... and a full one eventually leaving.

In other news

... we'd thought we'd let you in on the development strategy ahead. We're targeting a default release for the multi-floor update early next week. Concurrently, we will deploy Alpha 32, the new turnaround services update (we'll try to give it a better name...) on the experimental branch.

... even though summer holidays are fast approaching, we'll as usual be on and off throughout the summer with a somewhat lowered productivity as we head in to the midst of July. This means that the next dev blog we write will be the last "regularly scheduled" one during the summer, and we'll be back again starting this autumn. That said, we might write something during the summer if we end up deploying something notable, or something else happens. We'll remind you of this again in the next dev blog.

... just like we did last year, we'll this year also be heading to Gamescom. If you're going there and want to meet up, let us know!

So that's it for this week. Keep a look out on the forum for changelogs and updates to Alpha 31 and we'll see each other soon again on the 1st of July! Fly safe.

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