Dev Blog 119: Preparing for the experimental release of Alpha 29!

November 27, 2018

Good evening airport CEO!

We’re back with another status update development blog as we’re trying to commit to not have you waiting in the dark for the next update – which is approaching steadily every day. On top of that we’re dealing with the, post Alpha 29, future all-round sound update, some minor experimentation with new features leveraging the extra performance improvements we get from Alpha 29, along with studio recruitment and development of our new website(s). A lot as usual as you can see so it’s time to just get into it…

Home-stretching Alpha 29

We’re on the home-stretch for deploying Alpha 29 to the experimental branch and have overcome the largest adjustments (issues) required as of this weekend. Testing out all of our new systems on the internal branch proved that there was several surrounding systems and compartments that needed adjustment to the new things we simulate the person agents. As of right now we’re debugging minor special cases, i.e. smaller simulation cases which are affected by these changes and need adaption. We’ve also taken the time to look over the job task dispatching system along with refined person queuing behavior, including (finally!) enabling persons to switch queues if a new related desk opens with a lower queue count. We have no estimation as to when we’ll make the experimental deployment but it’ll happen once we’ve made sure that everyone who’s testing on the internal branch is experiencing the same, but hopefully better, kind of simulation behavior as on the experimental branch and with a way better frame rate.

Everything else we’re doing

We’re currently conducting several interviews with applicants to find that perfect next person who’s gonna help bring the development speed of Airport CEO and propel it to the full release. This process is ongoing and it’s difficult to say when that person joins us to as we mentioned in the previous devlog we’ll let you know once we know.

With the upcoming release of Alpha 29 and the new performance it brings we’ve slowly started to consider the additional large features such as the multi-floor implementation and the implementation of large stands. As for multi-floor, we’ll simply pick up where we left off which means that we have a lot of the rendering tech in already and now need to focus on the path-finding and building aspect. As for large stands, Jettuh has already started the experimentation process…

The full-length Airport CEO soundtrack is nearing completion and the last recordings will take place during this and the next week. From that point on we’re looking at an additional few week of mixing and mastering and some additional implementation time and tweaking. We’re expecting to have the soundtrack deployed in an update post Alpha 29 before the upcoming holiday break.

More aircraft are in the making! Our super secret aircraft designer is hard at work creating wonderful pieces at an unprecedented pace. At least one, but perhaps more, will be part of the Alpha 29 release and we’re all very excited to have them visit your airports.

Another home-stretching item is the new Airport CEO website! We had our final website design meeting today and if nothing drastic occurs we expect to deploy it at latest on the 10th of December. It’s super user friendly, super fast and still contains all of the important content you might need to access including information about the development, modding and this development blog.

So that’s it for this week. We hope to have Alpha 29 deployed before the next devlog and if so we’ll let you know via the usual channels – if you keep tabs on us you won’t miss it. Fly safe!

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