Known Bugs & Issues

Airport CEO is in an Early Access stage and that means that the game is in some aspects untested and lacks important features. In an attempt to avoid players sending in bug reports about stuff that we as developers already know, we have compiled a list of know bugs and missing features for your reference.

This is a list of known glitches, bugs or underdeveloped features that we have not had time to fix or not prioritized in regards to other, more pressing, bugs or development tasks that are currently in the development pipeline.

When your game won't start

The game crashes immediately when I start it and an error.log is generated mentioning an “Access violation” issue

While we’ve yet to uncover the root cause of this issue there is an easy and quick solution which you can apply:

1. Open you computer’s display settings and change the resolution to something else than what you currently have applied

2. Change it back to your old, preferred, resolution setting

3. Launch the game

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact us.

The game does not load properly when I start it and I see nothing but floating clouds

Locate a file called “GameSetting.json” in your Apoapsis Studios directory in which Airport CEO stores its data files. Delete “GameSetting.json” and launch the game.

It takes very long to load a saved airport

Long loading times are caused by either a corrupt save or having a very large save file(s).

How to know if you save game is large:
If your collective save files (the .json files) are in excess of 20 MB your save is considered large and may take from five up to ten minutes to load. In some instances, your operating system may claim that the application has stopped responding. This is usually not true, as simply allowing the game to process the load eventually will launch the game. The operating system warning is cast due to a legacy loading procedure that we aim to replace in early 2018.

How to know if you save game is corrupted: If your save game loads but displays a broken world (blue and green colors) colors and you cannot move the camera, or if your loaded save lacks items that you’ve previously built or persons that you know should be in the airport, your save is most likely corrupted. File a bug report and include all the save files as well as all the requested log files.

Gameplay troubleshooting

Run into some troubles that prevents you from doing your CEO duties? Many issues can be solved by saving (under a different name just in case) and re-loading the game. Please send us a bug report of the issue and if possible attached the old save and output_log.txt file so that we can try to fix the bug as soon as possible. See below some common situations and how to solve them:

An aircraft, person or vehicle has deadlocked

Deadlocks can happen, however intense bug fixing should make this situation extremely rare. If it happens it can be solved using the debug panel (press F10) and click on reset the respective agent paths. If this does not solve the issue, try do a new save (with a new name) and restart the game.

Passengers are not moving, they just stand still

This is necessarily not a bug as they might not know what to do next. Usually the fall-back activity for passenger is to rest. Place some gate seating, sofas or arm chairs to see if they take a seat. Also remember that passengers need toilets on both the non-secure and secure part of the terminal.

Employees doesn’t seem to find a work position

Remember that employees cannot walk over grass, you must make sure that there is a viable path to all working stations including cargo bay. Place sidewalks, doors and crosswalks over roads for them if they have to leave the terminal building. Furthermore you must also ensure that zoning is correct, this includes zoning of doors, sidewalk, crosswalks and roads (persons can walk on the small sidewalk on all roads). For Example, if you have a cargo bay in the secure zone but no secure route to get there, your staff will not be able to find a path there. Remember that all secure areas must also be accessed via a security check point.

Baggage is not moving along the conveyor belt

Baggage is probable the most complex system in Airport CEO and could be a bit hard to get up and running the first time. Always make sure everything is connected. Use Y to display underground baggage and follow all arrows to find any gaps. There should be continuous conveyor belts from the check-in desks to the cargo bay and from cargo bay to the baggage claim area. If you are using tilt trays make sure they are set to To Destination as they will always be diverted correctly depending on each bag’s destination.

How can I tell if my airport is secure?

The principle of Airport CEO is that you define the secure areas using the zoning tool. When it is marked as secure it is defined as a secure part of the terminal, which requires a security checkpoint to enter and security exit to exit. Currently, there are no requirements on enclosing your exterior airport with fence to make it secure, fence is a decorative item for now. The secure system only looks at the terminal, meaning the air side will not be affected.

A quick word on save integrity

While we will be doing our best to keep your saved airports compatible with future updates, this might not always be possible, especially when transitioning to bigger updates. If we deploy an update of the game that will not be compatible with older saves, or noticeably alter and older save, associated with an earlier version of the game we will make sure to announce this prior to the update.

Missing features


More aircraft and airlines will be implemented over time
Route generation mostly random and can generate some strange routes
Some tarmac vehicles and services such as catering, honey trucks and more are missing and will be implemented over time

Structures & Items:

PAPI lights serve now functionality yet
Decorative items have no impact on passenger satisfaction yet
More types of items will be implemented over time such as different seating types, self-check in desks, plants, decorative objects and more
The Conveyor Belt system is still very much in its early stages and have some limitations such as crossing overground and underground belts
More than one floor is not yet supported
Some aspects of multi-terminal is not yet supported


Vehicle movement is still rough and will be fine-tuned
Vehicle collision avoidance is limited
One-way roads are not supported and can cause deadlocks
Fast forward can cause weird glitchy movement of vehicles and person
Random incidents such as accidents and other events are not yet implemented
Economy and business simulation aspects are still in early stages and will likely require balancing over time


Some design aspects of the UI are very rough in terms of flows and how information is presented


Sound effects are limited and somewhat basic


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