When was Airport CEO be released?

Airport CEO was released on the 28th of September 2017 as an Early Access title in an Alpha state. For more information, check out the Steam Store page.

How much does Airport CEO cost?

Airport CEO retails for 15.99 USD (15.99 EUR or equivalent) and during the first launch week a 10 percent release discount will be issued. The price will then be incrementally raised as the game becomes more complete.

What are the minimum requirements for Airport CEO?

The current hardware requirements can be seen on the Steam Store page.

How does the Airport CEO version numbering work?

The version number layout, Airport CEO A B.C-D, is explained as follows:

A: Major build type (incremented on major version transitions)
B: Minor build version (incremented on larger and more stable changes to the code base (default branch))
C: Revision number (incremented as new features and bug fixes are tested (experimental branch))
D: Build version (incremented only when a new build is deployed on the experimental branch)

Will Airport CEO feature multiple-floor terminal design?

Initially, no. Eventually, yes! However, we have not yet started developing a multi-floor system and will most likely not do so before an early access alpha release. This feature will be designed and implemented further down the road.

What techniques are used for developing Airport CEO?

Airport CEO is being developed with Unity, an amazing game engine that anyone can learn to master. We are coding in C# where we rely heavily on an MVC architecture and the utilization of a vast array of different software design patterns. We are also using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator for the development of sprites and textures.

How can I suggest ideas to Airport CEO?

We have multiple channels through which you can interact with the development process. Check out the connect page for more details.

Will Airport CEO have mod support?

Initially, no. Eventually, yes! Mod support will be implemented once the game is ready for it.

What is your definition of “alpha”?

The Airport CEO and Apoapsis Studios definition of alpha is: A major version stage of a software in an unstable state with several features still missing. The alpha state of Airport CEO will see several updates in relation to bug fixing and feature addition.

What is your definition of “beta”?

The Airport CEO and Apoapsis Studios definition of beta is: A major version stage of a software in a stable state with all core features implemented. The beta state of Airport CEO will be a stable version in relation to its core systems but still see new addition in terms of content.

This Airport CEO FAQ didn’t answer all my questions!

Mayday, mayday! Send us a message or ask the community if something is still unclear and we might just add it here as well.

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