DevLog 69: Design Contest Week & Full Speed Ahead

DevLog 69: Design Contest Week & Full Speed Ahead
May 30, 2017 Airport CEO
Just as the summer months has started to make its mark on Sweden, so has this week’s devlog on this monday evening. The previous week included overcoming some major personal obstacles as Olof handed in his master thesis and moved out of his apartment. Because of this, as you hopefully understand, we could not find a time to meet and record any material for the planned videos. However, Fredrik has been putting in a lot of hours doing various bug fixes, general improvements and testing. With these obstacles now out of the way we are back to full speed and will hopefully be able to once again start progressing more swiftly as we have a lot more time on our hands.

The Airport CEO Business Design Contest

After the success of the Airport CEO Airline Design Contests we decided to host another contest with the purpose of involving the community as well as reducing some of our workload, this time for businesses! So far we have probably received over 150 logos of great variety and more are coming in every day. It’s really amazing to see the community come together like this and contribute and with the chance of getting a free Airport CEO copy and the possibility of having your work implemented into the game, who wouldn’t want to participate? We have started to select some logos that we really like and more will be selected within in the near future.
Some of you have been asking for how long the contest will last. When our requested quota is filled or when we feel that the contest is loosing momentum, that’s when we’ll close it down. Until then there is still a chance for you to submit your design, so don’t wait, get creative and head over to the forum to post your submission!

Businesses and Modding

In relation to businesses we have this week been experimenting with some modding features. For example, we have now implemented a feature of importing all business data and logos from a folder structure which means that it is at this stage now possible to add your own business to the game. This is the first step towards modding and as we try this out over the coming time we’ll make sure to expand it to airlines and aircrafts. We are of course looking at modding for other objects as well, but aircrafts and airlines are what we have identified as the most desired ones per the community’s request.

Due to time limitations this week we will not be posting a changelog, however next week we hope to bring you a lot more content! Also, we’d quickly like to mention that we are now very much involved in the process of establishing Apoapsis Studios and the organizational infrastructure we need for the first release.
Fly safe! See you throughout the week!